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Home Improvement Season 5 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "A Taylor Runs Through It"; 9/19/95
The Taylor family balances leisure time with activities for Jill's cousin's wedding by Lake Michigan.

Episode 2: "The First Temptation of Tim"; 9/26/95
Tim meets with Binford's new owner Bud Harper, who has big plans for "Tool Time" but wants to drop Al from the show. Meanwhile, Brad starts the new school year on a detention streak.

Episode 3: "Her Cheatin' Mind"; 10/3/95
When Tim fears that Jill is spending too much time with a male friend, he buys Madame Bovary on tape and joins their book discussion group.

Episode 4: "Jill's Surprise Party"; 10/17/95
Tim plans an elaborate surprise party for Jill's 39th birthday, but she has other plans, heading to Toledo to reclaim her treasured childhood piano.

Episode 5: "Advise and Repent"; 10/24/95
Jill applies a concept from her psychology class to the marriage of Tim's friend Bert with major repercussions.

Episode 6: "Let Them Eat Cake"; 10/31/95
With Tim and Jill at the Cable Awards, Halloween night finds Brad and his friend Jason throwing a wild party at the Taylors' house.

Episode 7: "The Look"; 11/7/95
Tim buys Pistons' season tickets without consulting Jill, creating one big battle of the sexes.

Episode 8: "Room Without a View"; 11/14/95
In response to the boys' bickering, Tim decides to convert the basement into a bedroom for Randy on "Tool Time."

Episode 9: "Chicago Hope"; 11/21/95
To make up for Tim's recent long work hours, Jill and he plan a romantic weekend at a Japanese hotel, but Bud needs Tim for important deal-sealing meetings to bring "Tool Time" the Chicago market.

Episode 10: "Doctor in the House"; 11/28/95
Tim receives an honorary PhD from his alma mater Western Michigan University, which leaves Jill with conflicted feelings.

Episode 11: "That's My Momma"; 12/5/95
Tim's mother is in town and Tim feels bad because he has trouble communicating with her about serious things.

Episode 12: "'Twas the Flight Before Christmas"; 12/12/95
Tim and Al spend Christmas Eve stranded at a tiny airport with an unhelpful clerk. Back home, the boys get to oversee decorations for the annual lighting contest.

Episode 13: "Oh, Brother"; 1/9/96
Tim gives his brother Marty a job at "Tool Time," a decision he soon regrets. Brad gets a fast-talking new girlfriend named Angela.

Episode 14: "High School Confidential"; 1/16/96
Randy gets to move up to high school in two classes, which affects Brad's academic performance. On "Tool Time," Tim and Al showcase The Man's Bedroom.

Episode 15: "Tanks For the Memories"; 1/30/96
Tim and Jill drive tanks at a California military base, while the boys spend a board game-filled weekend at Al's place.

Episode 16: "The Vasectomy One"; 2/6/96
When Jill's friend becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she encourages Tim to get a vasectomy. Randy is the proud owner of what is voted "Best Butt" at school.

Episode 17: "Fear of Flying"; 2/13/96
Jill and Tim disagree over whether Mark can take flying lessons. Another crew of astronauts visits "Tool Time" and Jill struggles with her piano lessons.

Episode 18: "When Harry Kept Delores"; 2/20/96
Harry reluctantly agrees to let his wife Delores work at his hardware store, but the situation creates unease and they split up. Alan Jackson performs on "Tool Time."

Episode 19: "Eye on Tim"; 2/27/96
While stricken with the flu, Jill worries that Tim is attracted to a TV newsreporter who is profiling him for a segment.

Episode 20: "The Bud Bowl"; 3/5/96
Tim and Jill go bowling with Bud and his wife. At home, Randy meets Angela's sister.

Episode 21: "Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights"; 3/12/96
Tim gets mad over Brad's new ponytail haircut. Meanwhile, Randy rehearses for the part of Romeo with both Jill and Wilson taking a stab at Juliet's lines.

Episode 22: "The Longest Day"; 4/2/96
A lump on Randy's neck might be cancerous. Jill worries while spending the day waiting for the phone call with the test results.

Episode 23: "Mr. Wilson's Opus"; 4/30/96
Wilson agrees to direct Randy's school play, but his serious, craft-enforcing approach has a negative effect on the 8th grade cast and the aluminum-using set-designer.

Episode 24: "Shopping Around"; 5/7/96
At dinner, Tim and Jill spot Tim's old shop teacher with a woman, which might be okay if he wasn't already dating Tim's mom.

Episode 25: "Alarmed By Burglars"; 5/14/96
After Wilson's house gets broken into, Jill gives Tim free rein to spend on a state-of-the-art home security system and film a "Tool Time" on it.

Episode 26: "Games, Flames & Automobiles"; 5/21/96
With his 37th birthday approaching, Al decides to take action by pouring his life savings into selling his "Tool Time" board game and planning to propose to Ilene.

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