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Home Improvement Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Pilot"; 9/17/91
With Jill out at her job interview, Tim can't resist the urge to soup up the dishwasher.

Episode 2: "Mow Better Blues"; 9/26/91
Tim works on revving up the lawnmower. When Mark breaks a wrench, rather than tell Tim, he hides it and then hides himself.

Episode 3: "Off Sides"; 10/1/91
Tim's Sunday of football viewing is interrupted by a dinner date with Jill. In need of a last minute babysitter, Jill hires Sir Larry Houdini, a birthday party magician.

Episode 4: "Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof"; 10/8/91
It's Saturday, and Tim's excited to get the satellite dish delivered, but installing the thing poses difficulties. Jill gets a visit from her teacher Rondall.

Episode 5: "Wild Kingdom"; 10/15/91
Mark's cub scout troop is over at the Taylor house, and so is an unknown creature.

Episode 6: "Adventures in Fine Dining"; 10/22/91
After the boys' behavior gets the family kicked out of Wacky Jack's Pizza Pagoda, Tim bets Jill tell he can teach them some table manners.

Episode 7: "Nothing More Than Feelings"; 10/29/91
Caught up in a male bonding moment with some audience guests on "Tool Time", Tim lets out some embarrassing details about Jill.

Episode 8: "Flying Sauces"; 11/5/91
Brad and Randy have been picking on Mark a lot, and convince Mark that everyone in the family is an alien except for him. So Tim decides to get back at them at their own game.

Episode 9: "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble"; 11/19/91
Tim's finally going to give Jill the bathroom that she's wanted and he's making a "Tool Time" project out of it to get a great deal.

Episode 10: "Reach Out and Teach Someone"; 11/26/91
Tim tries to give Jill a plumbing lesson. On "Tool Time", the audience for "Cooking with Irma" is brought in for a special episode to teach women to do common household repairs.

Episode 11: "Look Who's Not Talking"; 12/10/91
In order to let Jill work on her library fundraising speech, Tim volunteers to clean the house with the boys and soups up the vacuum cleaner.

Episode 12: "Yule Better Watch Out"; 12/17/91
Jill makes sure that Randy looks great as the innkeeper in the Christmas play, while Tim is excited to compete in the annual lighting contest against Doc Johnson.

Episode 13: "Up Your Alley"; 1/7/92
For family night, the Taylors head to the bowling alley. Jill's against keeping score with Tim...until she starts throwing nothing but strikes.

Episode 14: "For Whom the Belch Tolls"; 1/14/92
Tim's old friend and former college roommate Stu Cutler is in town and he's as crude and crass as ever.

Episode 15: "Forever Jung"; 1/21/92
Jill's friend Karen is over the Taylor house and the two of them are having a grand time making fun of Tim and men in general. On "Tool Time", Tim gets his head stuck to a glue-covered table.

Episode 16: "Jill's Birthday"; 2/4/92
The boys remind Tim that this Friday is Jill's birthday. Jill, hoping for a better present than past years, tells Tim she wants something from his heart.

Episode 17: "What About Bob?"; 2/11/92
Mr. Binford proudly informs Tim that there will be a special guest on "Tool Time": Bob Vila, the "pioneer of home repair." Tim gets embarrassed by Vila in the "Stump the Toolman" competition.

Episode 18: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"; 2/18/92
Tim has plans for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend with Jill at a spa. But at the last minute, Mr. Binford decides Tim and his family should go camping this weekend and record their journeys.

Episode 19: "Unchained Malady"; 2/25/92
When Tim throws away a chain letter, his luck takes a turn for the worse. He accidentally dyes his hands green and Jill gives him a black eye. George Foreman appears on "Tool Time."

Episode 20: "Birds of a Feather Flock To Taylor"; 3/3/92
Tim and the boys build an elaborate birdhouse. On "Tool Time", two old-time working class men Hick and Eddie talk about their careers.

Episode 21: "A Battle of Wheels"; 3/17/92
Jill has a pottery wheel moved into the garage, which upsets Tim's workplace. Al gets frustrated with Tim at work and feels unappreciated.

Episode 22: "Luck Be A Taylor"; 4/7/92
Jill's sister Robin and her husband Charlie come over the Taylor house in the midst of a fight. Charlie joins Tim, Al, and a thrice-divorced friend for the monthly Poker Night.

Episode 23: "Al's Fair in Love and War"; 4/28/92
Greta Post, who caught Al's eye on the women's episode of "Tool Time" earlier in the season, shows up again and writes Al a note. Al wants to ask her out, but he has trouble working up the nerve.

Episode 24: "Stereo-typical"; 5/5/92
When the family room speakers blow out, Tim goes all out on a state-of-the-art system, controlled by clapping. "Tool Time" guest Janeen Rae Heller makes music with an ordinary saw.

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