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Home Improvement Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Back in the Saddle Shoes Again"; 9/20/94
Jill loses her job and ponders going back to college, an idea that Tim isn't very supportive of. Tim and Al try to outdo each other in dealing with drywalls.

Episode 2: "Don't Tell Momma"; 9/27/94
After Tim lectures Jill for covering up a scratch on her car with nail polish, he winds up doing far more damage and fails to keep it a secret. On "Tool Time", Al's lifelong passion for cranes comes in handy.

Episode 3: "Death Begins At Forty"; 10/4/94
When his friend Harry has a heart attack, Tim begins worrying about his health and rethinks his much-anticipated 40th birthday plans. At work, Tim and Al inexplicably shrink down to explore a car engine.

Episode 4: "The Eyes Don't Have It"; 10/11/94
Mark comes home with his first note from a teacher, leaving Tim and Jill to wonder what the problem is. It turns out he needs glasses. Al's historical lessons on "Tool Time" put Tim and others to sleep.

Episode 5: "He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible"; 10/18/94
Tim's brother Marty is in town and reveals that he is considering leaving his wife and newborn children. This news creates tension between Tim and the one brother he gets along with.

Episode 6: "Borland Ambition"; 10/25/94
Harry asks Tim to become part-owner of his hardware store, but when Jill won't go for it, Al steps up to the plate. Al then tries to initiate change, promotes the shop on "Tool Time," and begins putting his new job before his girlfriend Ilene.

Episode 7: "Let's Go to the Videotape"; 11/8/94
Comments that Tim made to the guys at Harry's Hardware about how boring a speech Jill gave are accidentally taped and seen by her.

Episode 8: "Quibbling Siblings"; 11/15/94
Brad gets to fill in for Al as the co-host of "Tool Time," leaving Brad to feel very proud and Randy to feel a little jealous.

Episode 9: "My Dinner With Wilson"; 11/22/94
The Taylor house smells bad and Tim suspects a dead rat in the walls. The family's Thanksgiving dinner at Wilson's is soured by the news that their trusty neighbor may be moving.

Episode 10: "Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher"; 11/29/94
Tim's old shop teacher Art Leonard visits for some fond recollections. His appearance on "Tool Time", however, isn't quite blissful.

Episode 11: "Some Like It Hot Rod"; 12/6/94
Jill works around the clock to get things ready for Mark's Christmas pageant. In the process, she leaves Tim's hot rod outside and a sudden winter storm leaves it filled with snow.

Episode 12: "'Twas the Night Before Chaos"; 12/13/94
Christmas figures even more prominently in this episode, in which Jill's bickering parents and Tim's brother Marty's family of four both stay with the Taylors. Tim again competes in the town lighting contest and gets some help from The Colonel.

Episode 13: "The Route of All Evil"; 1/3/95
Brad takes on the job of a newspaper delivery boy, but those early mornings soon take a toll on him. Security Week brings surveillance equipment to "Tool Time."

Episode 14: "Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?"; 1/10/95
Tim's hot rod gets invited to a car show, but before they can attend, pizza magnate "Papa Mia" makes him an offer one can't refuse and Tim sells the labor of love for a large amount of money.

Episode 15: "Super Bowl Fever"; 1/31/95
While Jill is sick and bedridden upstairs, Tim has a bunch of guys over for a Super Bowl party. Detroit Lions' Dave Krieg, Kelvin Pritchett, and Chris Spielman show off their cooking skills on "Tool Time."

Episode 16: "Bachelor of the Year"; 2/7/95
A magazine names Al one of Detroit's 10 Most Eligible Bachelors. The influx of female attention that the article brings him threatens Al's relationship with Ilene.

Episode 17: "It's My Party"; 2/14/95
After Randy decides against a snowmobile birthday party, Tim tries to become a part of the planned boy/girl festivities in the basement. Unfortunately, Tim's efforts lead to Michelle, a girl interested in Randy, going to the emergency room with a sprained ankle.

Episode 18: "A House Divided"; 2/21/95
An on-location "Tool Time" ends in disaster when Tim accidentally blows up the house in which his friend Benny is staying. This leads to Benny staying with them.

Episode 19: "The Naked Truth"; 2/28/95
Tim accidentally walks in on his sister-in-law Nancy in the shower and a degree of awkwardness lingers between them and their spouses. Randy attends a friend's bar mitzvah and has some pants trouble.

Episode 20: "Talk to Me"; 3/14/95
Jill urges Tim to explain why he's been hostile lately, but when he does, she snaps at him. Comedians Jim Breuer and Dave Chappelle play two bachelors whose comments on "Tool Time" get them in trouble with their girlfriends.

Episode 21: "No, No, Godot"; 3/21/95
Plans for Tim, Jill, Al, and Ilene to see Waiting for Godot on stage are derailed when Tim and Al get arrested for scalping their unneeded hockey game tickets. On "Tool Time," Tim gets to display his tire-changing skills for a real Indy Car pit crew belonging to racer Robby Gordon and owner Derrick Walker.

Episode 22: "Tool Time After Dark"; 4/11/95
A hearty dinner of Polish food keeps Tim from sleeping, which leads to a clip show.

Episode 23: "Sisters and Brothers"; 5/2/95
Jill's sister Carrie, a world-traveling photographer, comes to stay with the Taylors. Tim's brother Marty and family are also temporarily at the Taylors' house. Al's brother Cal appears on "Tool Time."

Episode 24: "A Marked Man"; 5/9/95
When a Swiss Army knife is stolen from Harry's Hardware, Tim is surprised that Al suspects one of his sons is the culprit. Tim and Jill are even more surprised to find that Al was right.

Episode 25: "Wilson's Girlfriend"; 5/23/95
Jill tries to set up Wilson with her professor, and their initially strong connection is soon questioned. Tim and Al demonstrate ironing techniques as part of Bachelor Week on "Tool Time."

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