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Home Improvement Season 6 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "At Sea"; 9/17/96
Tim wreaks havoc for the Navy as "Tool Time" films on the USS Constellation air carrier.

Episode 2: "Future Shocked"; 9/24/96
Disagreements over Tim's daily routines lead Jill and Tim to dream about what their lives will be like when they're much older.

Episode 3: "Workshop 'Til You Drop"; 10/1/96
Tim is reluctant to join Jill for a couples therapy workshop, but both are in for some surprises. Randy starts to write for the school newspaper.

Episode 4: "Burnin' Love"; 10/8/96
Randy really clicks with his car-loving fellow newspaper writer Lauren, so he's hurt when she goes out with Brad's smarmy friend Jason.

Episode 5: "Al's Video"; 10/15/96
Tim goes overboard in directing Al's hardware video, creating a rift in their friendship. Jill gets a new laptop.

Episode 6: "Whose Car Is It Anyway?"; 10/22/96
Jill uses the money she inherited from a deceased aunt on a 1967 Austin-Healey, which she buys without consulting Tim.

Episode 7: "I Was a Teenage Taylor"; 10/29/96
In the spirit of Halloween, Tim and Jill elaborately prank back and forth with Brad and Randy.

Episode 8: "Jill and Her Sisters"; 11/12/96
Three of Jill's sisters visit to plan their parents' anniversary party, which quickly proves to be a tough task. Tim and the boys camp out in the backyard.

Episode 9: "The Tool Man Delivers"; 11/19/96
En route to accepting the Car Guy of the Year award, Tim's car runs out of gas and Heidi goes into labor.

Episode 10: "The Wood, The Bad and The Hungry"; 11/26/96
After spotting Benny at a soup kitchen, Tim changes his mind and invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner. On "Tool Time," Mario and Michael Andretti join Tim and Al in the "Butterball 500", a turkey-carving race.

Episode 11: "Workin' Man Blues"; 12/10/96
Brad gets a job at a sporting goods store in the mall, but his devotion to work soon interferes with his family, friends, and schoolwork.

Episode 12: "No Place Like Home"; 12/17/96
Tim's brothers Marty and Jeff join him and his family to help his mother move out of her home. Saying goodbye to the childhood house his father built proves difficult for Tim.

Episode 13: "The Flirting Game"; 1/7/97
Jill scolds Tim for buying household cleaner from an attractive door-to-door salesman. When she unconsciously flirts her way out of a speeding ticket, she worries she might be a hypocrite.

Episode 14: "The Karate Kid Returns"; 1/14/97
Mark uses his karate training to defend Randy from a bully at the mall. Wilson's cousins and their band (The Beach Boys) visit him, but bitter feelings still linger between them.

Episode 15: "Totally Tool Time"; 1/28/97
Hoping to sell the show to a foreign market, Tim and company plan a big, Swede-friendly "Tool Time" episode to impress the Swedish executives on hand. From a dull guest (Drew Carey as a highway roadkill cleaner) to botched demonstrations, it's a disaster.

Episode 16: "A Funny Valentine"; 2/11/97
Tim gets tracked down by a woman who knew his father. Meanwhile, he and the boys try to find his Valentine's Day gift for Jill, whatever it may be.

Episode 17: "Wilson's World"; 2/18/97
When Wilson's one man show at a coffee house gets a negative review, he decides to re-evaluate his life and be more like everyone else. On "Tool Time," Tim and Al compete to come up with the most creative culinary concoctions.

Episode 18: "Something Old, Something Blue"; 2/25/97
In the hours leading up to Al and Ilene's wedding, he starts to second-guess entering into holy matrimony.

Episode 19: "Communication Breakdown"; 3/11/97
To deal with the Taylors' oft tied-up phone dilemma, Tim hires Harry's son Dennis to install a second line. Along the way, father-son arguments break out between Tim and Mark and Harry and Dennis.

Episode 20: "My Son, The Driver"; 4/1/97
Brad gets his driver's license and Jill is highly worried about his first night on the road. Her instincts prove right when Brad gets into an accident. Three generations of Al Unsers appear on "Tool Time" for Engine Week.

Episode 21: "Insult to Injury"; 4/15/97
The day before breaking Bob Vila's record for consecutive appearances on a home renovation show, Tim separates his shoulder. Tim sneaks out of the hospital to show up on "Tool Time" and seize his glory.

Episode 22: "Family Un-Ties"; 4/29/97
Jill is disappointed when the kids don't want to spend time with her during the family's trip to Cleveland. At the hardware expo, Tim and the "Tool Time" crew finds a demand for destruction.

Episode 23: "The Feminine Mistake"; 5/6/97
Jill objects to Brad's girlfriend doing his laundry and chores for him.

Episode 24: "Taps"; 5/13/97
The day after lying to her parents so they won't visit and she can have a relaxing weekend to her self, Jill learns her father has died of a heart attack.

Episode 25: "The Kiss and the Kiss-Off"; 5/20/97
Original "Tool Time" girl Lisa (returns and after Tim prominently features her on the show, overlooked Heidi quits. Randy goes on his first date with Lauren.

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