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Home Improvement Season 8 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Whitewater"; 9/22/98
Jill surprises Tim with a whitewater rafting trip for his birthday with Al and Heidi along for the ride.

Episode 2: "Adios"; 9/29/98
Randy leaves for a year-long rainforest study in Costa Rica.

Episode 3: "All in the Family"; 10/6/98
Tim's brother Jeff and Jill's sister Carrie date.

Episode 4: "Taylor Got Game"; 10/13/98
Because of academic struggles, Brad decides to skip college and play professionally in England.

Episode 5: "Al's Fair Lady"; 10/20/98
Tool Time gets a van. Tim and Jill join Al and his rich girlfriend Trudy for dinner.

Episode 6: "Bewitched"; 10/27/98
Wilson disappears after the Halloween costume party.

Episode 7: "Not-So-Great Scott"; 11/3/98
Jil learns that one of her patients had an affair with Heidi's husband.

Episode 8: "Tim's First Car"; 11/10/98
Tim finds his first car in a junkyard and yearns for it.

Episode 9: "Mr. Likeable"; 11/17/98
When audience ratings reveal Al to be more popular than Tim, Al gets a professional manager.

Episode 10: "Thanks, But No Thanks"; 11/24/98
Tim offers to let his brother Marty and his twin daughters move in.

Episode 11: "Home for the Holidays"; 12/8/98
Randy comes home for Christmas while Al competes against Tim in the neighborhood lighting contest.

Episode 12: "Ploys for Tots"; 12/15/98
Tim and Jill try to give Marty some parenting experience for his daughters.

Episode 13: "Chop Shop 'Til You Drop"; 1/5/99
Brad buys a car, which gets stolen.

Episode 14: "Home Alone"; 1/19/99
Home alone for the weekend, Tim wiles away the time.

Episode 15: "Knee Deep"; 2/2/99
While "Tool Time" films at the Taylor house, Brad injures his knee.

Episode 16: "Mark's Big Break"; 2/9/99
Tim nears completion of his latest hot rod project and lets Mark film a "Tool Time" segment.

Episode 17: "Young At Heart"; 2/16/99
Jill learns that Alex the mechanic that Tim has been spending time with is a beautiful young woman.

Episode 18: "Love's Labor Lost, Part One"; 2/23/99
Jill visits the doctor and a hysterectomy is recommended.

Episode 19: "Love's Labor Lost, Part Two"; 3/2/99
Jill adjusts to life after her major surgery.

Episode 20: "Neighbors"; 3/16/99
Tim and Wilson come to a disagreement when Wilson decides to build a greenhouse.

Episode 21: "A Hardware Habit to Break"; 3/30/99
When Harry decides to sell his hardware store, Tim ends up buying it.

Episode 22: "Loose Lips and Freudian Slips"; 5/4/99
A public screening of Mark's film has embarrassing repercussions for the family.

Episode 23: "Trouble-A-Bruin"; 5/11/99
Tim is unhappy with management decisions at "Tool Time," while Brad debates whether to play in a big game.

Episode 24: "Dead Weight"; 5/18/99
Al's mother finally appears as Al decides to propose to Trudy.

Episode 25: "The Long and Winding Road, Part 1"; 5/18/99
Unhappy with the new management, Tim, Al and heide quit "Tool Time."

Episode 26: "The Long and Winding Road, Part 2"; 5/25/99
Tim drives Mark and Brad to school in what is basically a clip show.

Episode 27: "The Long and Winding Road, Part 3"; 5/18/99
Al and Trudy marry while Jill has doubts about moving.

Episode 28: "Home Improvement: Backstage Pass"; 5/18/99
Behind-the-scenes mix of interviews and bloopers.

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