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Home Improvement Season 7 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Quest for Fire"; 9/23/97
The Taylors go on vacation on Lake Michigan where Tim has a surprise.

Episode 2: "Clash of the Taylors"; 9/30/97
Randy and Tim square off after Randy writes an article about pollution by Binford.

Episode 3: "Room at the Top"; 10/7/97
Jill asks Tim to build her an office in the attic.

Episode 4: "Pump You Up"; 10/14/97
Tim and Brad go overboard after a college scout notices Brad's soccer skills.

Episode 5: "A Night to Dismember"; 10/28/97
Mark's creepy horror film stars the Taylor family and friends.

Episode 6: "The Niece"; 11/4/97
Wilson is thrown a surprise birthday party, which includes a visit from his niece Willow.

Episode 7: "Jill's Passion"; 11/11/97
Jill dreams about a man (guest star Tom Wopat) who asked her out at the gym.

Episode 8: "Losing My Religion"; 11/18/97
Randy volunteers at a hospice and decides to stop going to church. Dan Aykroyd guests as Episcopalian minister Mike Weber.

Episode 9: "Thanksgiving"; 11/25/97
The Taylors spend Thanksgiving in a luxury box at a Lions game where the family puts up with a pushy Hollywood producer while Tim tours the stadium.

Episode 10: "The Dating Game"; 12/9/97
Pretending to not be married, Tim goes to a single's bar with Al with Jill's support.

Episode 11: "Bright Chrismas"; 12/16/97
Tim circumvents new rules in the neighborhood lighting contest, while Jill worries about her mother dating so soon.

Episode 12: "The Old College Try"; 1/6/98
Tim teaches an auto class at a community college and begins hanging out with his students.

Episode 13: "An Older Woman"; 1/20/98
Brad begins dating a college girl three years older than him and soon they are engaged.

Episode 14: "Tim "The Landlord" Taylor"; 1/21/98
Al rents an apartment from Tim and the renting hijinks begins.

Episode 15: "Say Goodnight, Gracie"; 2/10/98
Tim decides that he wants to have a daughter after spending time with his niece.

Episode 16: "What a Drag"; 2/24/98
Tim finds marijuana hidden outside and tries to find out which of the boys it belongs to.

Episode 17: "Taking Jill for Granite"; 3/3/98
Tim choice for work on the kitchen turns out to be the guy that Jill dreamt about from the gym.

Episode 18: "Futile Attraction"; 3/10/98
Tim becomes obsessed with the idea that Al and Heidi are romantically involved. Golfer Payne Stewart guests.

Episode 19: "Desperately Seeking Willow"; 3/17/98
Wilson's neice goes missing while staying with the Taylors.

Episode 20: "The Write Stuff"; 3/31/98
Brad joins the school newspaper and his "low-brow" article bumps Randy's article from the front page.

Episode 21: "The Son Also Mooches"; 4/21/98
When Tim's brother Jeff borrows money from their mother to pay off a loan, Tim objects. Jill is reluctant to admit she needs glasses.

Episode 22: "Believe It or Not"; 4/28/98
Wilson's tale to Tim about extraterrestrials leads to a dreamt-up sets up an "X-Files" parody. Grant Hill (then) of the Detroit Pistons guests.

Episode 23: "Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges"; 5/6/98
Randy gets his driver's license and after being told not to drive at night by Tim and Jill, he does so anyway.

Episode 24: "Tool-Thousand-One: A Space Odyssey"; 5/12/98
Tim trains for a space when NASA needs a Binford employee for a mission. Mark changes his appearance over an unseen girl.

Episode 25: "From Top to Bottom"; 5/19/98
Jill speaks negatively about Tim on a TV talk show.

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