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Home Improvement Season 2 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Read My Hips"; 9/16/92
Tim doesn't pick up on Jill's signals and as a result, he comes home late and misses out on the romantic evening she's planned for them.

Episode 2: "Rites & Wrongs of Passage"; 9/23/92
Tim accepts a Scottish "Tool Time" guest's challenge to a caber toss competition. A cafeteria prank and a ride home from a policewoman have Brad grounded for the weekend.

Episode 3: "Overactive Glance"; 9/30/92
After Jill notices Tim ogling a female guest on "Tool Time", she bets him he can't go their whole night at the restaurant without checking a woman out.

Episode 4: "Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof"; 10/7/92
Tim pulls his groin lifting a book-filled trunk, a fact he tries to keep from Jill. Meanwhile, Randy gets cast as Peter Pan in his school play.

Episode 5: "Heavy Meddle"; 10/14/92
Tim invites some guys over to help him put an engine in the hotrod he is building. Two of the guys' wives and Jill's friend Karen show up too.

Episode 6: "The Haunting of Taylor House"; 10/28/92
Tim turns the basement into "The Catacombs of Terror" for Brad's Halloween party. Brad dresses up as Raggedy Andy to match Jennifer's costume, but she arrives in biker gear with Danny.

Episode 7: "Roomie for Improvement"; 11/4/92
Mark comes down with the chicken pox. Since Tim has never had them, he reluctantly moves into Al's apartment for a few days. Race car drivers Mario and Michael Andretti show up on "Tool Time."

Episode 8: "May the Best Man Win"; 11/11/92
Mr. Binford's daughter Maureen surprises Tim and Al: Daddy has made her the new producer of "Tool Time." She quickly makes some changes that Tim doesn't agree with.

Episode 9: "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"; 11/18/92
Tim is extremely reluctant to work on his will with Jill. The Al Borland Fan Club visits "Tool Time."

Episode 10: "Let's Did Lunch"; 11/25/92
Dave, the guy Jill set up with Karen earlier in the season, asks Tim to lie and say that he had lunch with him the day before.

Episode 11: "Abandoned Family"; 12/2/92
Jill gets another important assignment from the magazine, which leaves Tim having to take care of more duties around the house, each of which he tries to take care of in his own way.

Episode 12: "I'm Scheming of a White Christmas"; 12/16/92
Brad and Randy collect money for charity and keep some for themselves. On "Tool Time," the holiday festivities include an acapella appearance from jazz band The Manhattan Transfer.

Episode 13: "Bell Bottom Blues"; 1/6/93
Tim insists on reorganizing the closet his way. Brad gets in trouble at school after Tim hugs him in front of his classmates.

Episode 14: "Howard's End"; 1/13/93
While Jennifer is away on vacation, Brad watches her fish Howard, who ends up dying. Tim and Jill disagree over who owns what when Jill opens her own checking account.

Episode 15: "Love Is a Many Splintered Thing"; 1/20/93
Tim is troubled by a compatibility test Jill brings home which reveals that they are not right for each other. Meanwhile, Randy tries his hand at ventriloquism.

Episode 16: "Dances with Tools"; 2/3/93
For their anniversary, Tim buys Jill ballroom dancing lessons. When he treats the lesson as a big joke, Jill is disappointed in the present.

Episode 17: "You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts"; 2/10/93
On a snowy night, Tim and Jill drive to Jill's friend Sheila's wedding. Only, they get lost soon, wind up in Ohio, and Tim is reluctant to ask for directions.

Episode 18: "Bye, Bye, Birdie"; 2/17/93
Tim wages war with a pesky woodpecker. Brad breaks up with Jennifer because she won't let him copy her math homework anymore.

Episode 19: "Karate or Not, Here I Come"; 2/24/93
Since Brad and Randy won't let Mark play football with them, Tim and Jill decide their youngest son should take a class. Mark decides on karate, to Jill's worriment.

Episode 20: "Shooting Three to Make Tutu"; 3/3/93
Jill has to unexpectedly go to work, which means Tim needs to take Mark to the ballet to see Swan Lake. But when Wilson gives Tim courtside seats to the highly-anticipated Bulls/Pistons game, he and Mark try to balance ballet and basketball.

Episode 21: "Much Ado About Nana"; 3/17/93
Jill's mother comes to town, and she's conveniently lost a lot of weight so that she can be played by Polly Holliday. Mom's arrival brings embarrassing childhood stories and emotional turmoil for Jill.

Episode 22: "Ex Marks the Spot"; 4/14/93
Tim's old high school girlfriend Stacey Lewis spots Tim and Al at Big Mike's.

Episode 23: "To Build or Not to Build"; 5/3/93
Mother's Day is here and Tim decides it'd be good for the boys to build presents for Jill. The boys of K & B Construction stop by "Tool Time" and offer praise to their mothers.

Episode 24: "Birth of a Hot Rod"; 5/12/93
Jill is aggravated that Tim can't simply fix the broken stove, doorknob, and icemaker plaguing the family. Tim would rather work on getting the engine started on the hot rod he's been building.

Episode 25: "The Great Race"; 5/19/93
Despite being left off the ballot, Bob Vila is voted favorite "Tool Time" guest by viewers. This leads to an appearance on the show, in which Tim agrees to a lawnmower race against Bob for charity.

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