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Home Improvement Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Maybe, Baby"; 9/15/93
) When Jill hears her sister is having a baby girl, she begins to want a daughter and gets mad at Tim when is firmly against the idea of more kids.

Episode 2: "Aisle See You In My Dreams"; 9/22/93
Despite her weak track record as a matchmaker, Jill sets up Al with Ilene Markham, a co-worker's friend, and they hit it off well. Too well too quickly, Jill thinks, and she encourages Tim to intervene.

Episode 3: "This Joke's For You"; 9/29/93
nm While struggling to fix the home intercom system, Tim overhears Randy making fun of him to his friend. Feeling hurt, Tim tries to stay serious on "Tool Time" against Al's efforts to lighten things up.

Episode 4: "A Sew, Sew Evening"; 10/5/93
An obnoxious new neighbor makes quite a first impression on Tim, who hopes to never have to deal with him again. Unfortunately for him, Jill has become friends with the neighbor's wife Marie, who is helping her out with a library fundraiser.

Episode 5: "Arrivederci, Binford"; 10/13/93
Tim has troubling grieving after Mr. Binford dies, opting to play darts and basketball with the boys rather than talk about his feelings. Tim honors the show's creator with a 21-nail gun salute.

Episode 6: "Crazy For You"; 10/27/93
Tim is convinced that an obsessed fan is stalking him and will be attending the Taylors' Halloween party.

Episode 7: "Blow-Up"; 11/3/93
Jill gets very upset at Tim for having her highly unflattering driver's license photo blown up and displayed at the big night held in honor of her library fundraising work.

Episode 8: "Be True To Your Tool"; 11/10/93
Tim is unimpressed by Binford's new reciprocating saw. When he voices his reservations about promoting it on "Tool Time", company president Wes Davidson threatens to replace him.

Episode 9: "Dollars and Sense"; 11/17/93
The boys get $150 from savings bonds, which Tim and Jill eventually agree to let them invest on baseball cards.

Episode 10: "Frozen Moments"; 11/24/93
Tim has a vision for the family's Christmas card and it involves a North Pole village set and some colorful costumes for all. On "Tool Time", Tim and Al unveil "The Man's Bathroom."

Episode 11: "Feud For Thought"; 12/1/93
Jill attends her 20 year high school reunion, but she fails in her efforts to avoid the friend who stole her boyfriend away during their senior year. Back home, Al has his hands full with the boys.

Episode 12: "'Twas the Blight Before Christmas"; 12/15/93
Brad wants to spend Christmas weekend on a skiing trip with a friend's family. Doc Johnson, Tim's chief competitor in the neighborhood's annual lighting contest, seems to be one step ahead of the Taylors with every new addition to his rooftop display.

Episode 13: "Slip Sleddin' Away"; 1/5/94
When Tim soups up Randy's sled so he can better race against the McGurn boys, Randy winds up at the emergency room with an injured wrist.

Episode 14: "Dream On"; 1/12/94
Al's girlfriend Ilene has a passionate dream about Tim. Tim can't avoid making jokes about this at their dinner together, which leads Ilene to leave Al, and Jill to get mad at Tim.

Episode 15: "Reel Men"; 1/26/94
Tim and Al spend Saturday ice fishing at a shanty that Al is considering buying, but Tim isn't very open to listening to Al talk. Back at home, Jill, Ilene, and Marie spend the day watching movie musicals and waxing away unnecessary body hair.

Episode 16: "The Colonel"; 2/9/94
Jill's father visits and he brings manuscripts of a book he has written. Jill can't summon the courage to tell him she didn't like it, leaving Tim to take a lashing from "The Colonel" for his honest criticism.

Episode 17: "Room For Change"; 3/2/94
Tim decides that Brad should gets Mark's room and Mark should move in with Randy. This decision upsets Randy and Mark, while the fact that Tim made it without consulting Jill angers her.

Episode 18: "Eve of Construction"; 3/9/94
Tim, Al, and the crew from "Tool Time" build houses for the Habitat for Humanity. Joining them are NFL players and other celebrities, including John Elway, Evander Holyfield, and Miss America Kimberly Aiken.

Episode 19: "Too Many Cooks"; 3/16/94
Tim has trouble being Al's assistant when the pair hosts "Cooking with Irma" for the week. Randy has an awkward first date.

Episode 20: "It Was the Best of Tims, It Was the Worst of Tims"; 3/30/94
At a baby shower Jill hosts, Tim charms all the ladies. After he returns from an afternoon with the boys at a demolition derby, Jill finds Tim considerably less charming.

Episode 21: "Fifth Anniversary"; 4/6/94
The elaborate and expensive Man's Kitchen leaves "Tool Time" with a budget too small to celebrate the show's fifth anniversary at an Indianapolis race track like Tim wants to.

Episode 22: "Swing Time"; 5/4/94
Tim plans on getting Jill a hot tub for Mother's Day until she's disappointed at the prospect of losing the family swing set to make room for it.

Episode 23: "What You See Is What You Get"; 5/11/94
Jill is hurt when Tim uses her plastic surgery computer program to see what she would be like with a bigger bust and smaller waist.

Episode 24: "Reality Bytes"; 5/18/94
Molly, a 25-year-old St. Louis woman that Randy has been communicating with on an Internet singles bulletin board, shows up at the Taylor household. Jill and Tim discover that Randy has been pretending he's a 32-year-old dermatologist and using Tim's old love letters to virtually woo Molly. A NASA space shuttle crew appears on "Tool Time."

Episode 25: "The Great Race II"; 5/25/94
Jill needs to raise a final thousand dollars for the library and Tim comes up with the idea of a Toolman auction. Tim gets shown up when Bob Vila goes for more than twice as much as him. In the hopes of redemption, Tim agrees to a hot rod race with Vila.

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