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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Maelstrom
Episode Number: 316
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 3/4/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,400

Kara dreams of painting over the mandala in her apartment. Leoben walks up and they start getting very amorous. As she lies on her back, much of the mandala comes back through the white paint.

Kara wakes up in her bunk.

From his bunk, Hot Dog asks Kara what's up.

Kara says that it's nothing and to go back to sleep.

In the washroom, Kara and Helo are both up early. He says that Hera has nightmares that leave her crying and shaking and he's wide away by the time they calm her down. He says that they are caused by what happened to her on New Caprica. Kara says that she wishes that he hadn't showed her the picture of the mandala because she dreams about it and Leoben all the time now. He suggests going to a psychiatrist that they've made an appointment with for Hera. Kara declines. He then suggests Oracle Brenn down in Dogsville. The Oracle supposedly interprets dreams and predicts events.

Kara thinks that she sees a little girl. Helo asks if she's okay and she answers that she doesn't know. She then brushes her teeth.

Kara enters the Oracle's quarters. She picks up a figurine. The Oracle says that it's the goddess Aurora, tells her to keep it and that she'll know what to do with it when the time is right. She then tells Kara to sit. Kara sits down across from the Oracle. The Oracle takes Kara's hands. Kara tells her that she can't sleep because of nightmares. The Oracle says it's because of the Cylon Leoben, who held her captive on New Caprica. The Oracle says that he knows Kara better than she knows herself. She says that Leoben sees the truth about her destiny. Kara tries to pull her hands away, but the Oracle holds on. Kara says "enough of that" and says that her only destiny is as a screw-up. The Oracle continues that Kara hurts everyone close to her, which was a "gift" from her mother. The Oracle says that she was born to a mother who believed suffering was good for the soul. She continues on, quoting exactly what Leoben told Kara about herself when she was interrogating him. Kara just figures that someone told the Oracle what Leoben said to her. The Oracle responds by asking Kara if she ever actually told anyone about it. The Oracle says that Kara confused the messenger with the message. She says that her mother was trying to teach her something else. Kara says that the Oracle doesn't know anything about her mother. The Oracle says, "Leoben does." Kara is incredulous. Kara gets up and moves to leave. The Oracle says that he's coming for Kara. that she can't stop him and that he'll show her the way.

Act 1:
Anders gets dressed. He says that he's leaving on a shuttle in half an hour. He wants Kara to ask for leave and come with him because she needs some downtime. He promises that the offer comes with no strings attached. Kara says that she'll think about it. He knows that's the same as "No." Anders says that the Oracle was right about her mother screwing her up long before Leoben. Kara says that her mother was dealing "with a lot" and that she was different from other kids. She taught her to be a warrior. Anders says that splitting her head open for not making her bed is nuts. Kara says that she got her mother back by putting bugs in her closet because her mother had served on an outpost and grown to hate bugs. Her mother screams and tries to smash the bugs with her shoes. Her mother then grabbed her hand and slammed it in the door jam.

The CAP is told that the refueling ship has some problems. Kara tells Hot Dog that they'll be out for another three hours.

Kara and Hot Dog fly over a planet. He inverts and flies right above her. He says that he's enjoying the blue skies. Kara ends up doing the same. She glimpses a Cylon Heavy Raider and takes off. Hot Dog follows.

Galactica is put on notice. Adama orders refueling operations to cease. Dee gets on the wireless and relays the order. Tigh is concerned and Adama orders that the fleet be put on notice

Kara and Hot Dog get separated and he reports that he's blind.

Kara flies through the clouds and glimpses the mandala in the clouds of a storm system.

Lee wants a report. She reports that the Raider ducked into the storm system. Suddenly the Raider flies right at her and she reports being hit. The Raider disappears again and Starbuck follows.

Gaeta reports that Kara is closing in on the planetary hard deck. Dee points out that atmospheric pressure will not allow her back into orbit. Tigh says she'll be crushed.

Kara keeps flying down as Lee orders her to pull up. For a moment, she sees Leoben standing in a room that flickers into vision on her right. He gets nearly frantic before Kara finally starts fighting the stick and pulling her Viper up out of the atmosphere.

Kara emerges from the eye of the storm, which she had seen as resembling the mandala.

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