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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Maelstrom
Episode Number: 316
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 3/4/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,400

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Standing in her mother's apartment, Leoben tells Kara that her mother waited for five weeks for her to come back. Kara says that she was afraid and that she couldn't watch her mother die. Leoben says that it's not too late and that she's still waiting.

Flashback #4:
Kara walks down the hall and opens the door. Her mother lies in bed with her eyes closed. Kara speaks to her and her mother says that she came back. Kara notices a scrapbook of everything Kara did. She starts to go through it and see another picture of the mandala. Kara says that something is about to happen and she's not sure if she's ready. Her mother says that she can do it and she's sure about it because Kara's her daughter. Kara takes her mother's hand and holds it up to her cheek. Her mother takes her last breath. Kara cries. Leoben says that death isn't so terrible when you face it. Leoben says that Kara's free to become what she "really" is. Kara looks at him and says that he's not Leoben. He says that he never said he was. He says he's here to prepare her to pass through the next door and to discover what "hovers in the space between life and death.".

Kara's cockpit has a hole and she's venting atmosphere. She wakes up and reaches down for the eject level.

Lee tries to contact her. Kara finally answers and says that she's not afraid.

Tigh says that she should be afraid. Helo says that both Kara and Lee are close to the hard deck. Gaeta says that they are sixty seconds from hard deck. He orders Dee to ready the Vipers on their position.

Lee finally gets a visual on her. He says that he's coming for her.

Kara tells him that she'll see him on the other side.

Lee pleads for her to come back.

Kara says that it's okay. She adds that they are waiting for her. Kara smiles.

The little girl smiles.

There is a sound (Kara ejecting?} and then Kara's Viper breaks up and explodes.

Lee screams, 'No."

Adama orders him to abort and pull up.

Lee does so. Adama wants to know if he sees Kara. Lee reports that she went in.

Adama orders him to come back and that they are launching the search and rescue birds. As Helo, Dee, Tigh and Gaeta look on, Lee reports to his father that there's no point because her ship is in pieces and there was no chute.

Adama sits in his quarters with his model ship in front of him. The figurine sits on the desk. Suddenly, he is overcome with emotion and he destroys the model and throws it across the room.

Bonus Scene:
Lee inspects his Viper. Kara and Tyrol go over her Viper. He names the parts and she inspects them. When he asks her about the right cannon, Kara has a "moment." She remembers Helo showing her a picture of the mandala in the Temple of Five and asks her where she got the idea for hers. They continue and now Kara hears the Oracle tell her that "that was your mother's gift." This is followed bys screaming and then her mother's hand holding a cigarette is seen as the screaming continues. An envelope is glimpsed on the table. Kara runs out of her mother's apartment and outside as the Oracle says that she was born to a woman who thought that suffering was good for the soul so she suffered. Kara climbs under the Viper as she recalls stabbing Leoben on New Caprica and then wiping her bloody hand on the carpet. He says that her destiny has already been written. Tyrol asks if something is wrong. Kara wants to know what the fluid is. Tyrol says that it's hydraulic fluid and nothing to worry about. Kara flips out about the possibility of the gear buckling when she traps, she'll be "splattered like roadkill." Tyrol says most of the ships leak hydraulic fluid because the seals are old and they don't have new ones to replace them. Kara says she doesn't want to hear excuses and wants the seals replaced. Lee overhears and steps away from inspecting his Viper with Figurski. She walks off, but Lee catches up with her. He says that Tyrol and the deck gang have been holding the Vipers together with "chewing gum and bailing wire for two years" and that she knows that. She agrees and says that she overreacted. He asks if something is wrong and she answers nothing that "smoking a few toasters won't cure."

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