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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: Hollin Gate

Hollin Gate

Hollin Gate:
- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring

Hollin Gate is the western entrance to Moria. The lake has crept up to within a few feet of the gate. The Fellowship doesn't take long to find the hidden gate, but Gandalf has trouble remembering the pass word to open it. While the rest of the Fellowship waits for Gandalf to figure it out, Merry and Pippin throw rocks into the lake. With Frodo's help, Gandalf opens the gate.

The Fellowship enters Moria, but find that it is quiet with signs of battle all about. They find bodies of Dwarves which were left behind. They panic and go back out of the gate. However, the rock throwing has drawn the attention of something deep in the lake. The Watcher in the Water grabs Frodo and begins to drag him into the lake. Aragorn, Boromir and Legolas manage to free Frodo and the Fellowship flees into Moria. The creature blocks up the way behind them and they have no choice but to continue through Moria.

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