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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Act 1:
Locke unlocks the weapons closet in the Hatch. Michael walks up on him and Locke mentions enjoying the old silent movies where the thieves could just listen to the safe with their ear to find the combination. Locke is changing the combination on the lock so that "just anyone" can't walk in and take a weapon when they want to. Locke then guesses that is the very reason why Michael has come.

Charlie sings a Kinks song as he watches Jin fish. They banter back and forth with neither apparently understanding the other. Eko walks up and shows Charlie the head of the Virgin Mary statue. He asks Charlie where he found it. Charlie says that he found it in the jungle. Eko wants him to take him there. Charlie says that they can go in the morning. Eko insists that Charlie takes him there now. Charlie wants to stop by and talk to Claire first, so she doesn't "get the wrong idea."

Flashback #2:
Eko and his men drive up to a café.

Flashback #2 con't:
Inside the café, he meets with two Moroccan men. There is a third, a boy who is sent to get some beer. Eko asks where they found the heroin and the Moroccan doesn't give him an answer. One of Eko's cronies (who has a gold tooth) takes out some of the heroin and puts it on the table in front of Eko. There are apparently two bags full of heroin. Eko takes out his knife, cuts open the packet of heroin and tastes it. He offers the Moroccans "50." The Moroccan wants to know "50 what." One of Eko's other cronies dumps five stacks of money on the table between Eko and the Moroccans. He says he'll given them "50" for the favor that he is doing for them. He says he is doing them a favor because they have a "large quantity" of heroin in a country where there are no poppies and no market for the heroin. He points out that the borders are guarded by the military, which means that they must fly the drugs out. However, the only private planes allowed to fly are UN aid and Catholic missionaries. The Moroccans talk to each other. They take the money. As they all stand, the Moroccan says that it true that Eko has no soul. Eko had just sheathed his knife. He laughs at the comment and then strikes out with his knife, cutting both Moroccans' throats. The boy has returned and Eko's cronies pull their guns on the boy, but Eko lets the boy go. The boy runs out.

At the beach camp, Charlie and Eko walk up to Claire. Claire cleans up the broken statue. Charlie asks what happened. Claire shows him the baggie and says that she remembers that he said he was a drug addict. She then gives him back the baggie. He lies and says that he didn't know. She snickers. He says that if it was sealed up inside the statue, how could he know about the drugs. He says that he's not "using." She doesn't say anything. He tears up the baggie and lets the heroin fall into the sand to try and prove it to her. She just tells him that someone is waiting for him and starts to walk off.

Out in the jungle, Locke has set up a container of Ranch Composite Dressing on a fallen tree trunk. He shows Michael how to fire one of the weapons. Michael dry-fires the gun. Michael asks how Locke knows about the guns and Locke says that his father used to take him hunting, mostly for birds. Locke then points out that the birds don't shoot back. Michael says that he knows that the other survivors think that he is going to take off after Walt again. Locke says that he isn't hearing them talk, but if he was, taking off again wouldn't be a smart plan. Michael agrees. Locke finishes loading the gun and tells Michael to try it for real. Michael aims and fires, blowing apart the container.

As they walk through the tall grass, Charlie tells Eko that he's now in a lot of trouble with Claire because of Eko. They stop by a tree at the edge of the tall grass. Charlie tells him that he found the statue near the trunk of the tree. Eko tells him that he's lying. Charlie reiterates that here is where he found it. Charlie starts to head back. Eko grabs him and shoves him up against the tree. He says that Charlie didn't find the statue "here" and that he will take him to the plane.

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