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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Flashback #1:
Boys play soccer in the dust in front of a church which is near a market in an African community. Gunmen drive up in a truck and start rounding up the children. They order the townspeople to leave. An old priest tries to stop them and is clubbed down on the back of the head. The gunmen grab an old man out of the crowd and force him to kneel. One of the gunmen pulls Yemi, who is Eko's younger brother, from his grasp. The gunman gives Yemi a pistol and tells him to shoot the man. Yemi can't pull the trigger. Eko runs up, takes the gun from Yemi and shoots the man. The gunman quickly recovers his pistol and for Eko's name. The man laughs and calls him "Mr.Eko." The man pulls the cross from Eko's neck, throws it down and says that Eko won't need it anymore. He leads Eko away. Yemi picks up the cross and watches as the gunmen drive away with his brother.

Eko carves on his staff, while he sits on the beach. Claire walks up with Aaron and asks what he's doing. He says he's carving things that he needs to remember. She sits down next to him and introduces herself and Aaron to him. Eko remembers Aaron, who was the brother of Moses. Eko asks about her choice of name and Claire says that she just liked the name. Eko explains that Aaron was a great speaker, and spoke for his brother, Moses, who spoke for him. Claire asks Eko to speak to Charlie since he doesn't seem to admit that he's religious even thoug he carries around a Virgin Mary statue that he had found on the Island . Eko asks to see the statue.

Back at her shelter, Eko looks at the statue and asks Claire where Charlie found the statue. She says he found it in the jungle. He presses her and she says it's just a statue. Eko puts the statue down, breaks it open with his stick and shows Claire a baggie of heroin. He asks where Charlie is.

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