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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Michael's computer conversation:
  • Walt (?): "Dad?"
  • Michael: "Are you ok?"
  • Walt (?): "Yes"
  • Walt (?): "Are you alone?"
  • Michael: "Yes."
  • Walt (?): "Can't talk long. They're coming back soon."
  • Michael: "Where are you?"
  • Walt (?): "You need to come."

  • Island Mysteries:
  • The smoke first appears after Eko asks Charlie what is the "wrong idea" that Claire could get.
  • Eko's crony tried to parachute of the Beechcraft before it crashed.
  • As Charlie climbs higher in the tree, the metallic clicking can be heard "lurking" nearby twice.
  • After the metallic clicking fades away for the second time, the monster sounds begin and some trees are uprooted. The smoke, still making monster sounds, approaches Eko. The monster groans fade and the metallic clicking returns.
  • When the perspective passes through the monster, images can be flashes.
  • There seems to be more to the last message typed, but only Michael sees it.
  • The computer communication is apparently controlled from the location of the "Walt" messages. This is evident from the fact that the first message is from "Walt" and the screen later clears without Michael doing anything.
  • The Nigerian drug plane has now been explained: Eko had secured the drugs and was going to smuggle the heroin out hidden in Virgin Mary statues while disguising himself as a priest. His brother Yemi, who really was a priest, tried to stop him and was shot. Yemi ended up on the plane, while Eko assumed his identity as a priest.

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