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"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Charlie gets a fix in the plane's lavatory during the flight.

Locke throws Charlie's stash into the fire.

Flashback #1:
Boys play soccer in the dust in front of a church in an African community. Gunmen drive up in a truck and start rounding up te children. The priest tries to stop them and is knocked. A young boy, who is Eko's younger brother is grabbed and handed a gun. A man tells him to shoot a man. Eko walks up, takes the gun and shoots the man. The gunman asks for his name. He answers Eko. The man pulls the cross from Eko's neck and then leads Eko away. The truckload of gunmen drive off with Eko.

Eko carves on his staff. Claire walks up with Aaron and asks what he's doing. She sits down next to him and introduces herself and Aaron to him. They talk about Aaron and Moses from the Bible. Claire says that she just liked the name. Eko explains that Aaron was a great speaker, and spoke for his brother, Moses. Claire mentions the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie carries. Eko asks to see it.

Eko asks Claire where Charlie found the statue. She says he found it in the jungle. He presses her and she says it's just a statue. Eko breaks open the statue and shows Claire a baggie of heroin. He asks where Charlie is.

Act 1:
Locke unlocks the weapons closet. Michael walks upon and they talk about silent movies. Locke is changing the combination on the lock out of concern over the new people.

Charlie sings a Kinks song. He's watching Jin fish. Eko walks up and asks where he found the statue. He insists that Charlie takes him there now.

Flashback #2:
Eko and his Nigerian cronies meet with some Middle Eastern men. He is presented with some heroin. Eko tastes it and then offers "50." He then explains that the men have no options, since there is no market for the heroin in the country and no way for them to smuggle it out. One of the men says that he has no soul. He kills the two men with a single machete swing. He lets the third man go.

Charlie and Eko walk up to Claire. Claire cleans up the statue. He asks what happened. Claire shows him the baggie and says that she remembers that he said he was a drug addict. He lies and says that he didn't know since it was sealed up. He tears up the baggie and lets the heroin fall into the sand.

Out in the jungle, Locke is showing Michael how to fire one of the weapons. Michael says that he's not taking off into the jungle alone. He then strikes the target.

Charlie tells Eko that he got him in trouble with Claire. They stop by a tree. Charlie tells him that he found the statue there. Eko tells him that he's lying and tells him to take him to the plane.

Act 2:
Eko asks Charlie why he lied about the statue. He points out that Charlie didn't want Claire to get the "wrong idea." Eko notices something in the jungle and they move on.

Flashback #3:
Eko walks up in front of the church. A woman is selling Virgin Mary statues. The priest walks out and wants to know what he's doing there. The priest is Eko's brother.

Flashback #3 con't:
Eko and his brother talk inside the church. His brother knows the things that he has done. Eko points out that his brother got the cross because he saved him that day. Eko then asks his brother to let him use one of his church relief flights to get the drugs out of Nigeria. His brother tells him that he loves him and always will, but will not help him with the drugs.

On the beach, Kate gives Sawyer a haircut. Kate says that everyone loves him now. Just then, Hurley comes by and says he's glad to see Sawyer back. Michael then walks up and asks if he can take Kate's shift. He tells Sawyer that he's glad he's okay before walking off.

Charlie and Eko stop for another break. Charlie says that he's an addict because of his brother and doesn't want Eko to judge him. Eko notices something in the tree. He walks over and finds a parachute and the priest's body. Eko takes notice of the gold tooth. Charlie asks him if he knows the man and Eko says the man saved his life.

Act 3:
Eko kneels and prays. Charlie tries to talk it out and figure out how the man could have saved Eko by being on a plane from Nigeria. Charlie picks up Eko's stick and notices the Scripture. He asks if Eko is a priest.

Flashback #4:
Eko walks into the church and interrupts his brother hearing confession. Eko wants to know if his brother, Yemi, has reconsidered his offer. Eko says that he will take the drugs out himself if his brother makes him a priest. Eko wants his brother to sign papers and he will give him the money for the vaccines. Eko says that he would never hurt Yemi, but his friends might. Yemi takes the paper and signs it. Eko asks for the remaining Virgin Mary statues. He comments that they are now both sinners. Yemi says that God will forgive his sin, but what about Eko.

Charlie claims to be having trouble finding the plane. Eko tells him to climb the tree to take a look around. Eko tells Charlie to climb higher. Eko looks around and hears the brush rustling. The monster comes out of the jungle. Charlie tells Eko to run, but he stands there and the monster (visible only as smoke) stops right in front of Eko. Metallic sounds can be heard [like the monster is scanning/evaluating Eko] and then after a few moments, the monster slips back into the jungle as a trail of smoke. Charlie and Eko look at each other.

Act 4:
Charlie gets down from the tree. Eko asks if Charlie saw it. Charlie says that most people run. Eko says that he wasn't afraid. Charlie says that he saw the plane about a kilometer away.

Michael walks through the hatch.

Michael sits down at the computer and tries to type, "are you ok?" After a few moments, the computer responds with "yes." Michael asks "are you alone?" He then sees the answer, "can't talk long because they are coming back. As Michael is about to type again, Jack walks in. Jack sits down and says that soon they will go out into he jungle and find Walt. Michael thanks him. Jack notices that Michael is nervous. Jack comes around to look at the computer and the screen is blank. He then leaves Michael alone in the dome.

Charlie and Eko find the plane.

Flashback #5:
Yemi drives up to the plane on the runway. Eko and his men are just finishing loading up the plane. Yemi wants Eko to stop. He wants to take Eko's confession. A truckload of soldiers can be seen driving up. One of Eko's men accuses Yemi of telling the military. Yemi says that they know that there are drugs, but not who is trying to transport them. Yemi tries to stop the gunfire between the two factions, but is shot. Yemi ends up on the plane with Eko's men. Eko is left behind on the tarmac as the plane takes off.

Eko looks inside the plane and sees the statues spilled through the plane. He climbs inside the plane and finds the other body. This body is wearing the cross. Eko cries over his brother's body.

Flashback #5 con't:
A soldier walks up and asks Eko, "Father, are you okay?" Eko looks up at him, but says nothing.

Act 5:
Eko sits near his brother's body holding the cross as Charlie climbs into the plane. Charlie asks who it is and Eko says that it's his brother. He finds another statue. Eko breaks a fuel line, which then begins to spill over the plane's contents.

Eko gives Charlie one of the Virgin Mary statues "for the one I broke."

Eko and Charlie watch the plane burn. Charlie asks him if he's a priest and Eko says he is. He then begins reciting Psalm 23. Charlie eventually joins him for a portion of it.

As Eko continues reciting, Ana Lucia is seen alone by a fire on the beach, when Jin and Sun walk up. They offer her some fish, which she accepts.

On the beach, Hurley helps Libby with her shelter.

Sawyer and Kate flirt with a mirror. Jack then walks up to them and gives Sawyer his medication.

Charlie walks up to Claire. Claire says that he lied to her. Charlie tries to apologize. He says that having it near by made him feel safe. Claire says she doesn't want him sleeping near her and Aaron. Aaron starts crying and Claire goes over to him. Charlie gathers up his stuff and walks off.

Out in the jungle somewhere in the dark, Charlie sets down his torch and his gear. He pulls out the Virgin Mary statue that Eko gave him. He sets it down carefully.

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