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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Act 5:
Eko sits near his brother's body holding the cross. Charlie climbs into the plane. Charlie asks who the body is and Eko says that it's his brother. He picks up another Virgin Mary statue. Eko breaks a fuel line and pours it over the contents of the plane.

Eko steps out of the plane and gives Charlie one of the Virgin Mary statues "for the one I broke."

Eko and Charlie watch the plane burn. Charlie asks him if he's a priest and Eko says he is. He then begins reciting Psalm 23. Charlie eventually joins him for a portion of it.

As Eko continues reciting from verse five on, Ana Lucia is seen alone by a fire on the beach. Jin and Sun walk up to her. Sun introduces herself. They offer Ana Lucia some fish, which she accepts.

At the beach camp, Hurley walks up and helps Libby with the tarp for her shelter.

Sawyer checks himself out with a mirror. Kate walks up and they flirt.. Jack then walks up to them and gives Sawyer his medication.

Charlie walks up Claire and Aaron's shelter at the beach camp. Claire is piling up Charlie's stuff. Claire says that he lied to her. Charlie admits it and tries to apologize. He says that having [the Virgin Mary statue/heroin] near by made him feel safe. Claire says she doesn't want him sleeping near her and Aaron. Aaron starts crying and Claire goes over to tend to him. With one last look back at Claire, Charlie gathers up his stuff and walks off.

Out in the jungle in the dark, Charlie sets down his torch. He removes a tarp from a homemade hiding place. He then carefully sets the Virgin Mary statue down with several other statues already in the hiding place.

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