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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Act 4:
Charlie gets down from the tree. Eko asks if Charlie saw it. Charlie answers that he saw it and that most people run. Eko says that he wasn't afraid. Charlie says that it kills people. Eko asks about the plane. Charlie says that he saw the plane about a kilometer away.

Michael walks around the hatch, checking to make sure he's alone.

Michael goes into the dome and sits down at the computer and tries to type. "Dad?" pops up on the screen. He asks, "Are you ok?" After a few moments, the computer responds with "Yes" and then asks "Are you alone?" Michael answers "Yes." He then sees, "Can't talk long. They're coming back soon." Michael then asks, "Where are you?" The response begins with, "You need to come." As Michael reads the screen, Jack walks in. Jack asks if Michael's alone. Michael says that Hurley is supposed to be there, but must be running late. Jack takes his pack off and sits down. Jack says that as soon as they can, they'll figure out how to go out into the jungle and find Walt. Michael thanks him. Jack notices that Michael is nervous and glancing over at the computer. Jack comes around to look at the computer and the screen is blank. He then leaves Michael alone in the dome.

Charlie and Eko find the crashed Beechcraft plane.

Eko walks up to the open side door of the Beechcraft.

Flashback #5:
The Beechcraft's engines are running as Eko and his gold-toothed crony load the plane on the runway. His other crony stands guard and alerts Eko to a vehicle driving up. Yemi gets out. He asks Eko not to get on the plane. He says that Eko once saved his life and now he's trying to save Eko's. He wants to take Eko's confession. He begs Eko not to get on the plane. A truckload of soldiers can be seen driving up. Eko's gold-toothed crony accuses Yemi of telling the military. Yemi says that they know that there are drugs, but not who is trying to transport them. Yemi asks Eko to leave the drugs and come with him. Yemi tries to stop the gunfire between the two factions, but is shot. Eko and Gold-tooth carry Yemi onto the plane, but when Eko goes to climb onboard, Gold-tooth kicks him away and closes the plane's door. Eko is left behind on the tarmac as the plane takes off.

Eko looks inside the plane and sees the statues spilled through the plane. He notices the bloody fingerprints near the doorway. He climbs inside the plane and finds the other body behind some crates. He opens the shirt and finds the cross. Eko cries over his brother's body.

Flashback #5 con't:
Eko sits on the tarmac. A soldier walks up and asks Eko, "Father, are you okay?" Eko looks up at him, but says nothing.

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