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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

  • Locke tells Michael that he used to watch the old "cops and robbers" silent movies.
  • Locke tells Michael that he knows about guns because his father used to take him hunting, mostly for birds.
  • Charlie tells Eko that his brother is the one that started on the heroin first and that he tried to make his brother stop.
  • Charlie tells Eko that he was an altar-boy.
  • Eko tells Charlie that Gold-tooth saved his life and that the other body was his brother.

  • Notes:
  • Charlie sings a Kinks song while fishing with Jin.

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • Why did the monster decide to confront Eko at that time when it had apparently been trailing Charlie and Eko for a while?
  • What was the monster doing when it was directly in front of Eko? Scanning him? Or was it checking an already compiled personal history on him?
  • Why did the monster decide to let Eko go?
  • Why did Eko kill the two Moroccans for saying that he had no soul, after he appeared to be ready to let them go?
  • What did the rest of the computer message to Michael say?
  • How did the computer screen go blank while Michael was talking to Jack?
  • How will the news that Eko is tied to the Nigerian drug plane sit with the other survivors?
  • Now that Claire has driven Charlie away from her and Aaron, what is going to happen to Charlie and his stash of heroin-filled Virgin Mary statues.
  • Why would Eko's gold-toothed crony help him load Yemi onto the plane and then prevent Eko from boarding the plane?
  • Will Eko's true past as a thug catch up with him on the Island where he claims to be a priest?

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