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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Act 3:
Eko kneels and prays near the body. Charlie tries to talk it out and figure out how the man could have saved Eko by being on a plane from Nigeria . Charlie picks up Eko's stick and notices the Scripture. He asks if Eko is a priest. Eko doesn't answer

Flashback #4:
Eko and his crony with the gold tooth walk. into the church. Eko interrupts Yemi hearing confession. Yemi clears the church. Eko wants to know if his brother, Yemi, has reconsidered his offer. Eko says that he and his crony will take the drugs out themselves if Yemi makes them priests. Eko wants his brother to sign ordination papers and he will give Yemi the money for the polio vaccines. Yemi wants Eko to leave. Eko says that Yemi does not live in the "real world." Eko says that he would never hurt Yemi, but his friends will burn the church down. Eko's gold tooth crony can be seen holding a candle just for emphasis. Eko tells him to think of the lives he will save [with the polio vaccine]. Yemi takes the paper and signs it. Even so, he tells Eko that his signature will not make Eko a priest and that Eko could never be a priest. Eko asks for the remaining Virgin Mary statues. Yemi says that there are three hundred left. Eko puts a large handful of cash on the pulpit. He comments that they are now both sinners. Yemi says that might be the case, but God will forgive his sin. Eko and his cronies walk out of the church.

Charlie and Eko are again walking in tall grass growing between trees. Charlie looks around in an effort to get his bearings. He explains that he was following Sayid in the dark after having a bag rocks fall on his head, so his memory is "spotty." Eko tells him to climb a tree to take a look around and gain his bearing. Charlie asks if Eko is going to beat him with his Scripture stick if he doesn't climb the tree. Charlie also notes that there is dried blood on Eko's stick. Eko glares at Charlie and Charlie decides to climb the tree. Eko tells Charlie to climb higher. Eko looks around and the metallic clicking can be heard faintly. Eko hears the metallic clicking a second time before it fades. The monster comes out of the jungle, uprooting a few trees. Charlie tells Eko to run, but he stands there and the monster (visible only as smoke) stops right in front of Eko. Metallic sounds can again be heard [like the monster is scanning/evaluating Eko] as well as images flashing as Eko stares down the monster. After a few moments, the monster slips back into the jungle as a trail of smoke. Charlie and Eko look at each other.

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