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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210)
Eko's Flashbacks:

Boys play soccer in the dust in front of a church which is near a market in an African community. Gunmen drive up in a truck and start rounding up the children. They order the townspeople to leave. An old priest tries to stop them and is clubbed down on the back of the head. The gunmen grab an old man out of the crowd and force him to kneel. One of the gunmen pulls Yemi, who is Eko's younger brother, from his grasp. The gunman gives Yemi a pistol and tells him to shoot the man. Yemi can't pull the trigger. Eko runs up, takes the gun from Yemi and shoots the man. The gunman quickly recovers his pistol and for Eko's name. The man laughs and calls him "Mr.Eko." The man pulls the cross from Eko's neck, throws it down and says that Eko won't need it anymore. He leads Eko away. Yemi picks up the cross and watches as the gunmen drive away with his brother.

Eko and his men drive up to a café.

#2 con't:
Inside the café, he meets with two Moroccan men. There is a third, a boy who is sent to get some beer. Eko asks where they found the heroin and the Moroccan doesn't give him an answer. One of Eko's cronies (who has a gold tooth) takes out some of the heroin and puts it on the table in front of Eko. There are apparently two bags full of heroin. Eko takes out his knife, cuts open the packet of heroin and tastes it. He offers the Moroccans "50." The Moroccan wants to know "50 what." One of Eko's other cronies dumps five stacks of money on the table between Eko and the Moroccans. He says he'll given them "50" for the favor that he is doing for them. He says he is doing them a favor because they have a "large quantity" of heroin in a country where there are no poppies and no market for the heroin. He points out that the borders are guarded by the military, which means that they must fly the drugs out. However, the only private planes allowed to fly are UN aid and Catholic missionaries. The Moroccans talk to each other. They take the money. As they all stand, the Moroccan says that it true that Eko has no soul. Eko had just sheathed his knife. He laughs at the comment and then strikes out with his knife, cutting both Moroccans' throats. The boy has returned and Eko's cronies pull their guns on the boy, but Eko lets the boy go. The boy runs out.

Eko walks up in front of the church. A crippled woman is selling Virgin Mary statues. She explains that the proceeds will pay for polio vaccine for the village. The priest walks out and wants to know what Eko is doing there. Eko says that he has come to give his confession. The priest is Eko's brother, Yemi.

#3 con't:
Eko and his brother talk inside the church. Eko says that he has come to visit for the first time in three years and Yemi won't hear his confession. Yemi explains that confession will do no good unless Eko has a penitent heart. Eko says that he has only done what was necessary to survive, so how can that be a sin. Yemi says that though Eko lives "far from here," he has heard of the things that Eko has done. Eko reaches inside Yemi's shirt and pulls out the cross and reminds Yemi that he got that cross that day because of what Eko did to save him. He asks if that sin is forgiven. Yemi says nothing. Eko sits down and Yemi wants to know why he has come. Eko wants to use one of the church relief flights to get his "merchandise" out of Nigeria. Yemi knows that it must be drugs. Eko says that he is moving the drugs out of Nigeria so that they won't be used by Nigerians. He says that the money will buy all the polio vaccines. Eko says that God gave them both this opportunity. Yemi doesn't think that God brought Eko to the church, but rather his own greed. Yemi says that he loves Eko and always will, but will not help him with the drugs. Yemi then gets up and walks out of the church.

Eko and his crony with the gold tooth walk. into the church. Eko interrupts Yemi hearing confession. Yemi clears the church. Eko wants to know if his brother, Yemi, has reconsidered his offer. Eko says that he and his crony will take the drugs out themselves if Yemi makes them priests. Eko wants his brother to sign ordination papers and he will give Yemi the money for the polio vaccines. Yemi wants Eko to leave. Eko says that Yemi does not live in the "real world." Eko says that he would never hurt Yemi, but his friends will burn the church down. Eko's gold tooth crony can be seen holding a candle just for emphasis. Eko tells him to think of the lives he will save [with the polio vaccine]. Yemi takes the paper and signs it. Even so, he tells Eko that his signature will not make Eko a priest and that Eko could never be a priest. Eko asks for the remaining Virgin Mary statues. Yemi says that there are three hundred left. Eko puts a large handful of cash on the pulpit. He comments that they are now both sinners. Yemi says that might be the case, but God will forgive his sin. Eko and his cronies walk out of the church.

The Beechcraft's engines are running as Eko and his gold-toothed crony load the plane on the runway. His other crony stands guard and alerts Eko to a vehicle driving up. Yemi gets out. He asks Eko not to get on the plane. He says that Eko once saved his life and now he's trying to save Eko's. He wants to take Eko's confession. He begs Eko not to get on the plane. A truckload of soldiers can be seen driving up. Eko's gold-toothed crony accuses Yemi of telling the military. Yemi says that they know that there are drugs, but not who is trying to transport them. Yemi asks Eko to leave the drugs and come with him. Yemi tries to stop the gunfire between the two factions, but is shot. Eko and Gold-tooth carry Yemi onto the plane, but when Eko goes to climb onboard, Gold-tooth kicks him away and closes the plane's door. Eko is left behind on the tarmac as the plane takes off.

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