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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Act 2:
Eko and Charlie walk in the jungle. Charlie asks how Eko knew about the plane. Eko doesn't answer. Charlie says that the plane is old and has been out in the jungle "for years." Eko asks Charlie why he lied about the statue to Claire. Charlie says that he wasn't lying. Eko then asks why Charlie didn't want Claire to get the "wrong idea." Charlie won't answer and instead rants about Eko coming from the other side of the island and needing to start showing Charlie "some respect." Eko notices something in the jungle. The smoke can be seen flying by. Charlie wants to know what Eko saw, but Eko just tells him to move on.

Flashback #3:
Eko walks up in front of the church. A crippled woman is selling Virgin Mary statues. She explains that the proceeds will pay for polio vaccine for the village. The priest walks out and wants to know what Eko is doing there. Eko says that he has come to give his confession. The priest is Eko's brother, Yemi.

Flashback #3 con't:
Eko and his brother talk inside the church. Eko says that he has come to visit for the first time in three years and Yemi won't hear his confession. Yemi explains that confession will do no good unless Eko has a penitent heart. Eko says that he has only done what was necessary to survive, so how can that be a sin. Yemi says that though Eko lives "far from here," he has heard of the things that Eko has done. Eko reaches inside Yemi's shirt and pulls out the cross and reminds Yemi that he got that cross that day because of what Eko did to save him. He asks if that sin is forgiven. Yemi says nothing. Eko sits down and Yemi wants to know why he has come. Eko wants to use one of the church relief flights to get his "merchandise" out of Nigeria . Yemi knows that it must be drugs. Eko says that he is moving the drugs out of Nigeria so that they won't be used by Nigerians. He says that the money will buy all the polio vaccines. Eko says that God gave them both this opportunity. Yemi doesn't think that God brought Eko to the church, but rather his own greed. Yemi says that he loves Eko and always will, but will not help him with the drugs. Yemi then gets up and walks out of the church.

On the beach, Kate gives Sawyer a haircut. He is being his usual grumpy self and Kate says that he doesn't need to continue the attitude, because everyone loves him now. Sawyer thinks she's full of it. Just then, Hurley and Michael walk up. Hurley says he's glad to see Sawyer back. Michael then walks up and asks if he can take Kate's shift. He then tells Sawyer that he's glad he's okay before walking off.

Charlie and Eko stop for another break. Eko says that they just had one. Charlie takes off his pack anyway. He offers Eko some water. Charlie says that he's not who Eko thinks he is. Charlie says that he's an addict because of his brother. He says that his brother is the one who started "on the heroin" and Charlie tried to make him stop. Charlie says that Eko doesn't know him. He says that he was a good person and that just because he knew what was inside the statue didn't mean that he needed the drugs inside it. He doesn't want Eko to judge him. Eko notices something in the tree. He walks over and finds a parachute hanging from a tree. On the ground nearby, Eko finds a body in priest's cloth. Eko rips open the shirt and then takes notice of the gold tooth. Charlie asks him if he knows the man. Eko says that he did and that the man saved his life.

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