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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"The 23rd Psalm" (#210):

Episode Analysis:
  • Carvings on Eko's stick:
    • 23 Psalm
    • Revelations 3
    • Psalm 144
    • Titus 3
    • Colossians
    • T:4
    • "Hateth"
  • Eko and his brother Yemi roughly parallel Moses and Aaron. Moses was not called to God until adulthood. His brother, Aaron, was God's high priest.
  • Using the above analogy, Eko's staff is like Moses' staff, which was used as an instrument to demonstrate God's power.
  • The "monster" seems to follow Eko and Charlie for some time before confronting Eko.
  • When the "monster" confronts Eko, images can be seen. Perhaps scanning him, or perhaps checking through its files on his personal history.
  • There seems to be more to the last message typed during Michael's computer convesration, but only Michael sees it.
  • The computer communication is apparently controlled from the location of the "Walt" messages. This is evident from the fact that the first message is from "Walt" and the screen later clears without Michael doing anything.
  • The Nigerian drug plane has now been explained: Eko had secured the drugs and was going to smuggle the heroin out hidden in Virgin Mary statues while disguising himself as a priest. His brother Yemi, who really was a priest, tried to stop him and was shot. Yemi ended up on the plane, while Eko assumed his identity as a priest.
  • Charlie knows that Eko is tied to the drug plane through his brother.
  • Charlie joins Eko's recitation of Psalm 23 for verse four. See Psalm 23
  • Ana Lucia first appears when Eko recites verse five. See Psalm 23
  • Ana Lucia and Sun shake hands while Eko recites verse six. See Psalm 23
  • Ana Lucia accepts Jin and Sun's offer of fish as Eko finishes reciting verse six. See Psalm 23
  • Charlie has managed to gather and hide a number of the heroin-filled Virgin Mary statues.
  • It can be assumed that Charlie will soon start using the heroin that he has stashed away, since Claire has now driven him away from her and Aaron.
  • Eko first fell in with Nigerian gangs in an effort to protect his younger brother, Yemi. He committed his first murder in order to take his brother's place.
  • The gunman yanking the cross off of Eko symbolized the fact that Eko lost his way that day. His brother picked up the cross and followed that path until his death. His brother's death allowed Eko to find his way again. When Eko takes the cross from his brother's body, his soul is fully restored.
  • Eko's speech about an opportunity from God rings hollow when he is ready to put drugs on a Catholic missions plane. He tells Yemi that he is taking the drugs out of Nigeria away from their people. However, from Yemi's perspective as a minister of God, his people are not just in Nigeria.
  • Eko attributes his crony with the gold tooth as having saved his life. However, it looks more like his crony was leaving him behind with the military closing in because Yemi had tipped them off.
  • The sequence that leads to Eko being able to assume Yemi's identity just doesn't make sense. Eko's gold-toothed crony angrily guesses that Yemi told the military. He's willing to then help the wounded Yemi onboard the plane. However, he prevents Eko from going. It would have made more sense for him to leave both of them behind, but then Eko wouldn't have been able to "become" a priest storywise.

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