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Episode 510 Spoilers: He's Our You; A "Sayid" Episode; March 25, 2009
3/25/09: Episode Recap Now Available
3/25/09: During young Ben's four episode arc, "Ben will [come to] know everything about every little bit about the Island. We're not going to learn more about the past with Dharma, we're going to learn more about the past of the Island." From Kristin
3/16/09: Guest characters include Horace Goodspeed, Ilana, Amy, young Ben, Roger Linus, Radzinsky and Phil. Other guest characters include Oldham, Iraqi father, 12-year-old Iraqi boy, Ivan, Floyd, artender, guy in car and young Sayid. From ABC Official Press Release
3/16/09: Things begin to unravel when one of the survivors goes rogue and takes matters into their own hands -- risking the lives of everyone on the island. From ABC Official Press Release [Sure seems like Sayid is the one that goes "rogue" considering he appears to be under threat of death in episode 509.]
2/28/09: Juliet has been working in the Dharma motor pool and Kate will join her. Ben's father, Roger, appears and he and Kate share a beer. From The Transmission
2/28/09: Starting with Episode 509 ("Namaste"), young Ben returns for four episodes. When we first see him, he's "sweet" and even "helps the castaways." Then "you'll see how Ben gets so cruel. A very bad thing happens that changes everything. A group of people [not the Others or Dharma] shapes who Ben becomes. You've seen a glimpse of them before." From TV Guide [Our first thought is that one of the survivors (like Sayid) attacks Ben although Faraday is also a possibility, but we've more than glimpsed both characters.]
2/15/09: "A lot is revealed in that episode, not just about Sayid, but the whole story." From USA Today
2/15/09: The episode is Sayid-centric. From Sky One Lost: Season 5 Revealed
1/26/09: Producers are casting a father and two sons, all fluent in Arabic, for a flashback in which we see Sayid as a gentle and meek disappointment to his father until his dad teaches him a lesson that leaves scars we see in today's Sayid. From TV Guide New Zealand Edition
1/18/09: Behind the scenes photos showed Sayid in civilian clothes, Kate and Juliet in blue Dharma jumpsuit labeled 'Juliet - Motor Pool', Sawyer in a beige jumpsuit labeled 'LaFleur - Head of Security', Radzinsky in a gray jumpsuit. From Mata's LiveJournal
1/18/09: Apparently, Eric Lange wasn't cast as Marty Jankowsky, but rather Radzinsky. He appears in episodes 509 and 510. From The ODI [Radzinsky was Kelvin Inman's partner in the hatch until he committed suicide (according to Inman) and Inman recruited Desmond to take his place.]
1/18/09: Location shooting depicted Sayid walking into and then out of Oldham Pharmaceuticals. When he walked out, he was holding a package under his jacket. He was apparently in wintry Russia since the name of the building was in Russian and the set had been dressed for snow. Another location shoot had both Sayid and Ben in snowy Russia. There were scenes filmed on the street and in a courtyard and signs indicated they were outside a bakery and in Red Square. From Ryan in Hawaii & From Ryan in Hawaii
1/11/09: Based on the date of the report, this location shoot could have been for either episode 509 or 510. Out on a hill, a Dharma VW bug drove up. Hurley was also seen in civilian clothes in the driver's seat with Sawyer in a Dharma jumpsuit. Jack, also in civilian clothes, and Kate were also seen at the location. Dates seen on props indicated it was 1976. From & From Ryan in Hawaii [Since the Oceanic Six are in civilian clothes, we're guessing that this is set before the location shoot from 509 where they are in Dharma clothes. However, this is Lost so anything is possible and so we leave open the possibility that it is from 510.]
1/11/09: Ausiello speculates that this epsiode is a flashback about a young Sayid (the Older Boy), his brother and father. From Ausiello [We're not so sure.]
1/11/09: Guest characters: FATHER - 40s, must speak Arabic. A domineering and quick-tempered father who's trying to bring his boys up properly. Feels he has to teach his son a lesson about how to be a real man. CO-STAR; OLDER BOY - 12, must speak Arabic. Sensitive and kind-hearted, he's scared of his domineering father and knows he's a sad disappointment. CO-STAR; IVAN - Late 30s to late 40s, pudgy, must have a Russian accent, wealthy, upper-class and has lived the good life, but gambling debts have caught up with him. Now he fears for his life from the Russian mob. CO-STAR; YOUNG BOY - 8, must speak Arabic. Quiet and thoughtful who loves his older brother and is protective of him, can do what his father asks calmly and coolly. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls
1/11/09: Added episode title. From Casting Calls

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