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Episode 509 Spoilers: Namaste; March 18, 2009
3/18/09: Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
3/3/09: Guest characters include Christian Shephard, Frank Lapidus, Dr. Marvin Candle, Caesar, Ilana, Amy and young Ben. New recurring character (but familiar name) Radzinsky also appears for the first time. Other guest characters include Phil, Rosie, co-pilot and photographer. From ABC Official Press Release
3/3/09: When some old friends drop in unannounced, Sawyer is forced to further perpetuate his lie in order to protect them. From ABC Official Press Release [So apparently, Jack, Kate and Hurley actually join Dharma in this episode.]
2/28/09: Starting with Episode 509 ("Namaste"), young Ben returns for four episodes. When we first see him, he's "sweet" and even "helps the castaways." Then "you'll see how Ben gets so cruel. A very bad thing happens that changes everything. A group of people [not the Others or Dharma] shapes who Ben becomes. You've seen a glimpse of them before." From TV Guide [Our first thought is that one of the survivors (like Sayid) attacks Ben although Faraday is also a possibility, but we've more than glimpsed both characters.]
2/15/09: More details on the location shooting we've already recounted: Jin and Sawyer meet up with the first half of the Oceanic Six (Kate, Jack and Hurley). Jack and Candle talk. Juliet and Sawyer are living together (presumably in one of the Dharma cabins). From DarkUFO [Apparently, Sayid doesn't come with the other three. Either he ends up somewhere else on the Island, arrives at a different time, or Naveen Andrews was just hanging around the set watching filming.]
1/18/09: Apparently, Eric Lange wasn't cast as Marty Jankowsky, but rather Radzinsky. He appears in episodes 509 and 510. From The ODI [Radzinsky was Kelvin Inman's partner in the hatch until he committed suicide (according to Inman) and Inman recruited Desmond to take his place.]
1/11/09: Based on the date of the report, this location shoot could have been for either episode 509 or 510. Out on a hill, a Dharma VW bug drove up. Hurley was also seen in civilian clothes in the driver's seat with Sawyer in a Dharma jumpsuit. Jack, also in civilian clothes, and Kate were also seen at the location. Dates seen on props indicated it was 1976. From & From Ryan in Hawaii [Since the Oceanic Six are in civilian clothes, we're guessing that this is set before the location shoot from 509 where they are in Dharma clothes. However, this is Lost so anything is possible and so we leave open the possibility that it is from 510.]
1/11/09: Location shooting had a number of adults and children dressed in Dharma suits. Four new Dharma VW vans, a Jeep and several bicycles were seen. However, the biggest news was that in addition to Sawyer and Jin, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Kate were there. Hurley, Jack, Jin and Saywer were wearing Dharma jumpsuits. Kate was in a blue jumpsuit and Sayid was apparently in civilian clothes. From Ryan in Hawaii [Jin and Sawyer being in Dharma isn't surprising especially after other spoilers from episode 508. However, the presence of members of the Oceanic Six is surprising. We know that a major story arc to the season is about them getting back to the Island, but getting back by episode nine?]
1/11/09: Eric Lange has been cast as Marty Jankowsky and is set to appear in at least two episodes.
1/10/09: Guest characters: MARTY JANKOWSKY - 40s to 50s, Caucasian, very smart and controlling. Marty has his own way of doing things and god help you if you cross him and/or try to alter his very precise process. A deep and free thinker he uses his fierce intellect as a weapon. GUEST STAR/POSSIBLE RECUR; JACK ROSS - 30s, any ethnicity. A former air force bomber pilot who now uses his professional skills and unflappable demeanor to maintain order in a highly chaotic environment. He's smart, professional and competent. He keeps his wits as those around him in a crisis are losing theirs. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. From Casting Calls
1/10/09: Added episode title. From Casting Calls

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