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Episode 516 Spoilers: The Incident, Part 1 (Season Finale, Part 1); May 13, 2009
5/13/09: The four-toed statue will be seen in the finale. [We're guessing that Ilana and her crew have something to do with that and it's part of the setup for the final season.]
5/13/09: Jack climbs out of a Dharma van in the jungle to find Sawyer, Kate and Juliet waiting for him. Jack finds Jin, Hurley and Miles in the Dharma van. From Promo [Presumably, the first bit comes after the second bit and explains how the eight end up back together.]
5/13/09: Sawyer wants to know what Jack wants and Jack admits that he had Kate and lost her. Juliet says that she saw Sawyer look at Kate. Sawyer counters that he's with her. Juliet worries that maybe they were never meant to be together. Jack fires as Dharma members scatter while he helps an apparently wounded Sayid walk across the compound. Jack asks Kate if she's with him "on this." From Promo
5/13/09: Sayid and Jack are inside Horace's cabin and hear the Dharma alarm which includes using deadly force on any hostiles. Sayid puts on a Dharma suit and he and Jack wander through the compound in the chaos as security is all around. They are almost clear when Roger Linus spots Sayid and points his gun at Sayid. From Sneak Peek
5/13/09: Locke wonders why Ben hasn't told Richard that he intends to kill Jacob. Ben says that he's had new perspective since his "dead daughter threatened to destory" him if he didn't do "everything" Locke said. Ben explains that it happened when they were in the Temple. Locke then says that now he won't have to convince Ben to kill Jacob. From Sneak Peek
5/13/09: Kate tries to convince Sawyer and Juliet to help her stop Jack from using the bomb, but Sawyer says that he was happy with Juliet in Dharma until they returned so they want to go to the "real world" and give it a try. From Sneak Peek
5/13/09: Daniel intended to take the plutonium core out of the Jughead bomb and detonate it near the "pocket of energy." During the debate over the bomb, Richard reveals that Eloise is already pregnant. From Behind the Scenes Clip
5/13/09: According to Jorge Garcia, we'll find out why Hurley got on Arija Flight 316 and why he has the guitar case. From Ausiello
5/13/09: According to Michael Emerson, "We see some people from the past." According to Terry O'Quinn, we'll learn why Locke and Christian are alive on the Island because "Someone thought they'd be usefule. Someone is using Locke to their ends." From TV Guide [Sounds like Jacob.]
5/12/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Sure doesn't look like Sawyer stayed on the sub.

Neither did Juliet... and she's pointing that gun at someone.

The Three Amigos: Hurley, Jin and Miles in a Dharma van.

Looks like a Hurley flashback.
[So do we find out how he got on Arjia Flight 316?]

In another flashback, Jack and his father in surgery.

Jack and his dad have one of their intense discussions in the hospital hallway.

So who's giving Jack that candy bar?
[Is this where Jacob puts in his appearance in Jack's life?]

4/27/09: Guest characters include Rose, Bernard, Christian Shephard, Frank Lapidus, Dr. Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang, Richard Alpert, Phil, Radzinsky, Ilana, Bram, Roger Linus, younger Eloise Hawking, Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem, young Kate, young Tom, young Juliet, young Rachel and young Sawyer. Other guest characters include Mitch, Captain Bird, man #1, man #2, Mr. Springer, Aunt Soo, mother, anesthesiologist, Russian nurse, Uncle Doug, prison clerk, father, woman and cab driver. From ABC Official Press Release [The actor playing "man #1" is rumored to be Jacob. Also, the "mother" in this episode is not the same "mother" as in in the previous two episodes and is likely Juliet and Rachel's mother. Uncle Doug is likely Sawyer's uncle although we're not sure who is related to "father." ]
4/27/09: Jack's decision to put a plan in action in order to set things right on the island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him, and Locke assigns Ben a difficult task. From ABC Official Press Release
4/19/09: Dr. Pierre Chang (Marvin Candle)'s "role in "the Incident," the catastrophic event that could happen again if the Swan station button isn't pushed every 108 minutes. It might also have something to do with another reveal-why Dr. Candle (but not any of his other incarnations) appears with a prosthetic arm." From TV Guide Magazine
4/15/09: Jack and Kate escape from Dharma only be be captured by the Others, while Juliet and Sawyer become prisoners of Dharma. Three of those four get "tickets" on the sub, while Sayid is apparently responsible for the fourth not getting a ticket. Locke is joined by Ben and Sun on a boar hunt and then they go with Richard to the drug plane. Locke then takes his place as Leader of the Others. From DarkUFO [This all probably takes place in the finale and fits with location info of Sawyer, Juliet and Kate at the sub along with Ben and Locke being spotted in a new Others camp.]
4/15/09: Jacob will be at Jin and Sun's wedding. [IMDB also has a listing for an actress playing "young Rachel" (as in Juliet's sister). It's listed for episode 514, but since the actress isn't in the press release, we're guessing that she'll be in the finale, if at all. Usually, we'd consider it bogus, but since we knew of other flashbacks, it still seems like seeing young Juliet and young Rachel is likely especially when considering the casting calls for two sisters.]
4/15/09: A location shoot apparently on the submarine involved Sawyer, Faraday, Kate, Juliet and young Charlotte. Kate and Sawyer were in their Dharma jumpsuits, but Juliet was in civilian clothes. The same guy who welcomed Ben and his father to the Island was there as well as "Donna the psychologist." From Ryan in Hawaii [So is Juliet going home? Is she leaving voluntarily? We hope she's not leaving. She and Sawyer actually make a great couple, a better couple than Kate and Jack have been since the first season.]
4/10/09: Another flashback showed the moment of Nadia's death. Sayid was obviously there, though Jacob was not clearly spotted. From Ryan in Hawaii [It seems that the finale is skipping through pivotal moments in the "Losties" lives and so far Jacob is confirmed as being at most of them.]
4/10/09: Jacob sits on a bench reading a book when Locke falls from eight stories up. While other people react and call 911, Jacob casually walks over to Locke. From DarkUFO
4/10/09: Jacob (played by Mark Peregrino) will appear in an off-island flashback. The flashback apparently takes place at Sawyer's father's funeral, which would mean that a young Sawyer is also there. Bernard and Rose appear at the beach camp. The wedding is Sun and Jin's. From The Transmission [So much for the rumor that it might be Aaron and Ji Yeon's wedding.]
4/3/09: Dharma will be attacked. The Dharma station under construction will be attacked. Rose, Bernard and Vincent will appear. Jack might be the one who triggers the Incident. From DarkUFO
4/3/09: Sawyer, Faraday, Kate, Juliet along with a young Charlotte were shooting indoor scenes. A fight left Sawyer battered and beaten. From The Transmission
4/3/09: The wedding is on the mainland and has required a number of Asian extras. From Ausiello
4/2/09: A wedding will be seen. From Kristin
4/2/09: Locke, Ben, Sun and Caesar were at their camp. Richard walked into camp with something in his hand. Other reports had Locke carrying a boar and perhaps giving it to Richard as a "peace offering." From Location Reports
4/2/09: Walt will be in the season finale. From Malcolm David Kelley Interview
3/30/09: There's a new beach camp with the huts last seen at the Others' "fake camp." Locke brings a boar to Richard as Ben, Sun and Juliette follow. Another location shoot had Sayid and Ilana filming. A third location shoot was apparently a flashback in which of the girls was a young Kate Austen. From Ryan in Hawaii
3/30/09: Guest characters: CAPTAIN BIRD - Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Professional, military background, intelligent and able. Concerned about the safety of his ship's crew. NICE CO-STAR... THIS ROLE WILL BE IN EP. 515 AND ONE EPISODE OF THE FINALE - THIS ROLE WILL FLY OUT ON THE 10TH; DOUG - Caucasian, 40s. Charismatic, soft southern accent. Strong and authoritative but knows how to deliver bad news smoothly. Deals bad news to his buddy with empathy. YOUNG JEFF - Caucasian. 8 to 10 years-old, blonde hair, soft southern accent if possible. Hazel/Light brown eyes. Gone through much in his young life. Anger hides a deep pain. He's a tough kid with a wounded heart. NICO-STAR. From Casting Calls [Young Jeff sure sounds like a Young Sawyer.]
3/25/09: Guest characters: YOUNG EMILY - Caucasian. 10 year-old, brunette. Green eyes. Cute, precocious and confident. Willing to bend the rules to get what she wants. CO-STAR; CO-STAR; YOUNG BOB - Caucasian. 10 year-old, dark strawberry blonde, or reddish-brownish, blue/green eyes. Cute, nervous about breaking the rules but has an adventurous streak. CO-STAR; MR SPRINGER - Caucasian. 50s. Kindly but can be a hard-ass when necessary. Owns his own rural business. Worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls [With the specifics, who could this be?]
3/18/09: Guest characters: YOUNG NATALIE - Caucasian. 10 year-old, blonde, blue-eyed. Strong personality and defiant. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Natalie becomes upset and strident. She doesn't want this to happen, and runs to her room crying. CO-STAR; YOUNG DONNA - Caucasian. 12-year-old brunette. Natalie's older sister. Tries to act more grown-up and stoic. Can hide her feelings while Natalie acts out. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Donna is upset, quietly crying. CO-STAR; ALICE - Caucasian. Late 30s. Emotionally strong and tries to keep her feelings in check for her family. Unhappy in her marriage and tasked with telling her two young little girls that she and their father are divorcing. NICE CO-STAR. From Casting Calls [So could this turn out to be Juliet, her sister and her mother?]
3/18/09: Guest characters: JASON - Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that - he is wise. Strong and straightforward. The words he says are always listened to and they carry gravitas. GUEST STAR two episodes. May lead to recurrings. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role...; SAMUEL - Any ethnicity, 40s-60s. A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger. GUEST STAR two episodes. May lead to recurring. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role... From Casting Calls

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