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Episode 504 Spoilers: The Little Prince; February 4, 2009
1/26/09: The young Frenchwoman, Frenchman #1, Frenchman #2 and Frenchman #3 are a younger Rousseau and the ill-fated science team. From ABC Official Press Release
1/26/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Jack, standing on the street next to his truck, spots someone.

It's Kate and she looks happy to see him.

Like always, things turn serious between Kate and Jack.

Kate visits the lawyer.

Norton the lawyer

Sun visits as Kate has set Aaron at the table for a meal.

Sun answers the door and gets a package from the bellman.

Claire's mother (Aaron's grandmother) has turned up.

Claire's mother answers the door...

To find Jack has come out of the rain to visit her.

1/18/09: Based on previous spoilers, we had thought that Jin returns in this episode, but he's not listed in the episode press release and is said to return in episode 505 which is scheduled to air February 11th. From TV Guide
1/18/09: Guest characters include Aaron, Charlotte Lewis and Carole Littleton. Other guest characters include Dan Norton, Tony, Dr. Evelyn Ariza, young Frenchwoman, Frenchman #1, Frenchman #2, Frenchman #3 and bellman. From ABC Official Press Release
1/18/09: Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron's true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril. From ABC Official Press Release
1/11/09: We have some more details on the Oceanic Six scenes. Apparently, the episode begins with Kate, Jack, Sayid and Ben are meeting at the yacht club. Sun is watching from her car. She gets a phone call. Kate and Ben are arguing when Sun walks up with a gun. There's news that Jin might not be dead. Ben leaves with Sun in order to prove that Jin is still alive. Kate and Sayid don't want to deal with Ben. At the hospital, Jack talks to Dr. Ariza and resigns his position. Hurley calls him and Ben shows up. Sayid's in the hospital and is attacked by Tony. Jack and Ben likely show up and take care of Tony. Sayid apparently doesn't trust Ben and Dr. Ariza interrupts. Outside the hospital, Jack says he has to go see Kate. Sayid decides to join Ben in "extracting" Hurley. Back at the yacht club, Ben admits to Kate, Jack and Sayid that he's been trying to grab Aaron. Sun then arrives with Aaron. At the church, Ben gives Sun the wedding ring as proof of Jin being alive. From Episode 504 Call Sheet [We based the order of the breakdown on the order of scene numbers on the call sheet, but it seems off.]
1/11/09: Guest characters include young Rousseau, Robert, Montand and Brennan From Episode 504 Call Sheet [Montand was part of Rousseau's science team.]
1/3/09: The episode is "pretty much about a marooned sailor." From Kristin [From previous spoilers, we're guessing that Jin is that marooned sailor since Faraday had already returned to the Island prior to this episode.]
1/3/09: We're not sure if this scene is from episode 504 or 505. Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond were at a location shoot (possibly a church) together. Ben and Sun climb out of the van and talk. Ben hands Sun a small package and then Desmond walks up and exclaims, "What are you doing here?" They all then hurry into the building. Sun was armed the whole time and Desmond was wearing a wedding ring. From BuddyTV [So Desmond's made it to California since the last known sighting in the Phillipines in Episode 503.]
1/3/09: Jack, Sayid, Sun, Kate, Aaron and Ben meet at the Long Beach Yacht Club. There was another scene shot there that just had Kate, Sun and Aaron. From Ryan in Hawaii [Looks like the Oceanic Six are getting together to get back to the Island. Hurley likely was missing because he's in jail. We wonder what the scene between just Kate and Sun is all about.]
1/3/09: Jack, Sayid and Ben share a scene. Jack's on the phone and gets word that they need to go. He hops in his truck and takes off. Sayid and Ben then talk. From Ryan in Hawaii
1/3/09: Hurley has a jail scene. From Ausiello
1/3/09: Jin's fate won't be seen in the first three episodes. It will be in the fourth and fifth episodes that we'll find out what happened to him when the freighter exploded. He'll apparently be found floating on a door. From Kristin [Based on the previous location shoot info about the six in the canoe, we're guessing that they find Jin in episode four and then in episode five we'll learn how he's been surviving.]
1/3/09: Sayid and Ben drive a van into a parking garage. They are followed by a chauffeured BMW. Sayid was driving and both cars had California plates. The two vehicle park so that Ben is able to talk the chauffeur without getting out. There was a white haired gentleman sitting in the back sit of the BMW. Crazed/bearded Jack was seen on the set, but not where he fit into the scene. From LostTV-Forum [The white-haired gentleman likely wasn't Widmore, but that's just our guess.]
1/3/09: Locke (sitting in front), Sawyer, Miles, Faraday, Juliet and Charlotte are paddling a canoe in a storm. Sawyer wants them to go back, but then one of the others hears or sees something so they struggle towards it. From Ryan in Hawaii [So we've the Oceanic Six and this group is the Island Six so far.]
1/3/09: Jack, whose truck is parked on the other side of the street, walks over and talks to Kate who is sitting in her car. After a few minutes, he suddenly runs around, hops in the passenger side and they drive off. Another location shoot again involved Jack and Kate along with the crew's rain trucks for on cue downpours. A third location shoot involved a building and a green screen (so Hawaii was standing in for somewhere else again while Desmond was seen on set. From Ryan in Hawaii [Kate has been on the run with Aaron for a while and we're guessing that's why they have to take off so suddenly with Jack choosing to go with her. Problem is that Jack was groomed and in a suit rather than crazed Jack of the finale so maybe this is a flashback to their getting back together off-Island.]
1/3/09: Shooting dates were from September 20th to October 5th. From Casting Calls
1/3/09: Guest characters: DR. EVELYN ARIZA - 30s-40s, any ethnicity. Chief of staff at a hospital. She's attractive with a great bed-side manner but tough and carries her authority well. Not afraid to make difficult decisions...ONE DAY GUEST STAR; VINCENT - Early to mid 30s, Caucasian. Owner of a Tunisian bar. Smug and smart, knows he's better than most of his colleagues but has a short temper. Thinks he's a tough guy and gets himself into trouble because of it. MUST SPEAK FRENCH... Guest star; LEON - Mid to late 20s, Caucasian. Reserved, handsome and talented. A romantic at heart, he finds himself overwhelmed in a stressful job and at odds with a realist. MUST SPEAK FRENCH.. Guest Star; TONY - Late-20s to early 30s, any ethnicity. Tough, formidable, someone who could take an order and execute it flawlessly. WOULD PREFER A STUNT MAN... Co-star. From Casting Calls
11/9/08: According to Michael Emerson, Ben isn't seen much in the first four episodes. From Zap2It
11/9/08: According to Jorge Garcia, there's a big reveal in the episode which possibly pertains to the struggle between Ben and Widmore. From Zap2It
10/24/08: Added episode title. From Lyly

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