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Episode 506 Spoilers: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham;
A "Locke" Episode; February 25, 2009
2/15/09: The episode runs about four minutes long. From ABC
2/12/09: Guest characters include Walt, Christian Shephard, Charles Widmore, Matthew Abbadon and. New recurring characters Caesar and Ilana also appear. Other guest characters include Hajer, Susie, foreman and kid. From ABC Official Press Release
2/12/09: Locke's fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed. From ABC Official Press Release
2/11/09: This episode has been moved to airing seventh after episode 507 ("316"). From ABC
1/3/09: There's a car crash involving the car that Abaddon was driving Locke around in. A bloodied Locke was seen as were some Oregon plates on nearby cars. From Ryan in Hawaii [So Locke visits his father's grave, visits Hurley, visits Walt in New York and possibly visits Portland. Question is whether this crash takes place after Abaddon has been shot or results in Locke's death.]
1/3/09: Abaddon takes Locke to New York to visit Walt at his school. Ben was apparently also present. From Ryan in Hawaii [Ben seems to be shadowing Locke and Abaddon.]
1/3/09: Abaddon takes Locke to Anthony Cooper's grave for a peaceful visit and an "intense conversation." Afterwards, Locke sits in the back of the car as Abaddon loads the wheelchair in the trunk. When Abaddon closed the trunk, he's shot. From Ryan in Hawaii [Our guess is that Ben or Sayid shot Abaddon.]
1/3/09: Locke, in a wheelchair with his right leg in a cast, pays Hurley a visit on the mental institution grounds. Hurley asks the nurse to confirm Locke's presence which she does. During the course of their converation, Locke apparently points over at Matthew Abaddon who is nearby. This prompts Hurley to stick his fingers in his ears and call for his nurse to take him back inside. From Ryan in Hawaii
1/3/09: In filming that could be from either episode five or six, Matthew Abaddon was in a scene with Charles Widmore in a hospital. Elsewhere, Jin was seen with the young Rousseau. From Ryan in Hawaii [We're assuming the Ryan is referring to the character otherwise known as Ilana.]
1/3/09: Lance Riddick was in Hawaii filming in mid-October, so Matthew Abaddon appears in either episode five or six. From Ausiello
1/3/09: Caesar doesn't appear until the fifth or sixth episode of the season and will appear in 5-6 episodes during the season. He will then be a regular in the sixth season. From AlloCine
10/24/08: Added episode title. From Lyly

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