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Season 5 General Spoilers
4/15/09: The smoke monster will get some backstory. From Kristin [Considering there are only two episodes and three hours left in the season, it'll have to happen soon. Considering there was news of Ben and Locke returning to the Temple in the finale, maybe there will be some backstory since they might have Lapidus in tow this time around.]
4/3/09: We'll see the four-toed statue again. Ben will explain why he killed Locke. Miles will tell why Ben wanted 3.2 million dollars. Ilana "might" not have been working for Charles Widmore. From Official Lost Podcast
4/2/09: "Today, we went back to a character I never thought we'd see again. They cast another actress in the role, but luckily she fits the costumes." From Honolulu Advertiser [The interview appeared to take place during episode 14, but we're not sure what female character he could be referring to. Theresa was comatose in her previous appearance, so not sure why she'd have costumes already prepared.]
4/2/09: There will be both a series regular and a "major-ish" death From Ausiello
3/30/09: A series regular will die and be off the show. It might be Ben, Sawyer, Daniel, Jin or Miles. From Kristin [Our guess is that it'll be Daniel, Jin or Miles.]
3/18/09: There will be another "major-ish" death. From Ausiello
3/18/09: Ben and Eloise Hawking apparently have more scenes. From TV Guide
2/28/09: Charlotte is dead and won't return this season. From Los Angeles Times
2/28/09: One of the following is true: Ben is Locke's brother. Charlotte is the grown-up Annie. Miles is Marvin Candle's kid. From TV Guide [As much as we'd like Charlotte to be a grown-up Annie, we think that Miles is actually Candle's son.]
2/28/09: Jin will be speaking fluent English in the second half of the season. From TV Guide [No doubt thanks to his time in the Dharma Initiative.]
2/15/09: Someone we've already met will turn out to be Ethan's mother. From DarkUFO [We're again tempted to guess that it's Ms. Hawking, but who knows which character this could turn out to be.]
2/15/09: Eloise Hawking will be seen in one of the Dharma stations. From DarkUFO [Is Ms. Hawking the same as Ellie from the 1950's?]
2/15/09: According to Damon Lindelof, Ben can go back to the Island. From Kristin
2/15/09: Brad Henke has been cast as a character with ties to Ilana and appears in at least four episodes. From Ausiello
2/9/09: Midway through this season, we will learn the Island pulled off one doozy of a masquerade. From TV Guide [Huh?]
2/9/09: Someone changes "something in the past, which is a huge turn in the storyline." From TV Guide [Our first guess is whatever Daniel is up to in the past at what becomes the Orchid station is the big change and we get some "Back to the Future"-like effort to fix the past to save the future.]
2/9/09: Locke appears in half of the first twelve episodes. From TV Guide [Since Locke appears in the first six episodes, that seems to indicate that he'll be off the show for a good while after the sixth episode, which is all about what happens when he gets off the Island and how he died.]
1/26/09: It will not take all season for the Oceanic Six to return to the Island. From US Weekly [That was seemingly apparent from spoilers already, but nice confirmation.]
1/26/09: According to Jorge Garcia, Hurley and Miles will "bond" because of their communing with the dead. He also says that there will be another death in the cast. From TV Guide
1/26/09: According to Michael Emerson, the "very bad things" that happen on the Island are Ben's fault, From TV Guide
1/26/09: Why Christian Shephard is wearing white shoes on the Island will be explained. From Dharma Special Access
1/26/09: The four-toed statue will be seen again this season. From Dharma Special Access
1/18/09: There will be problems when the Oceanic Six try to return to the Island together and end up returning in groups. From TV Guide
1/11/09: Following up on the revelation in Season four that Charlotte might have been born on the Island, we will see a young Charlotte and see her birthplace. From The Transmission
1/11/09: It appears that we won't be getting a Libby backstory since Carlton Cuse stated that her story was pretty much finished. From Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof Interview
1/11/09: Richard Albert is set to appear in nine episodes this season. From Nestor Carbonell Interview
1/11/09: There's a possibility that the Oceanic 815 pilot could return in a flashback. From Greg Grunberg Interview
1/11/09: Ilana is NOT young Rousseau since Melissa Farman is listed as portraying young Rousseau and not Zuleikha Robinson. From Episode 504 Call Sheet
1/10/09: Amy is "with Dharma," has "some conflict with the suitors" and her role "is very emotional." From [More evidence that the Island went back in time.]
1/10/09: Reiko Aylesworth has been cast as Amy to appear in at least four episodes. From IMDB
1/3/09: Guest character starting with episode 8: AMY - A smart, attractive and charismatic Caucasian woman somewhere between 35-42 years old. She is outdoorsy and adventurous. She is comfortably successful at her job. Her love life is complicated and a reflection of her own complex nature. She is a woman many men find attractive and she likes qualities of each of her suitors but is looking for the whole package. Other women find her funny and honest. A SIGNIFICANT RECUR OF AT LEAST 4 EPISODES...GUEST STAR. From Casting Calls
1/3/09: Juliet has plenty to do in season 5. From TV Guide
1/3/09: Ms. Hawking will return this season and turns out to be related to one of the "Losties." From Ausiello
1/3/09: Jin's fate won't be seen in the first three episodes. It will be in the fourth and fifth episodes that we'll find out what happened to him when the freighter exploded. He'll apparently be found floating on a door. From Kristin [Based on the previous location shoot info about the six in the canoe, we're guessing that they find Jin in episode four and then in episode five we'll learn how he's been surviving.]
1/3/09: Horace Goodspeed (played by Don Hutchinson) returns for at least four episodes. Based on shooting dates and the interview date, we're guessing around episode five. From SciFi Wire [Based on the fact that Horace won't turn up until around episode five which is why Caesar also apparently turns up as well as the news that Ilana is "associated" with Caesar, we're guessing that Ilana, Caesar and Horace Goodspeed are part of the same storyline on the Island.]
1/3/09: According to Michael Emerson, missing "material about Ben's childhood... could be explored this season." From Kristin
1/3/09: Caesar doesn't appear until the fifth or sixth episode of the season and will appear in 5-6 episodes during the season. He will then be a regular in the sixth season. From AlloCine
1/3/09: Frank Lapidus will be seen again. From
1/3/09: Ilana is associated with Caesar and she apparently gives differing details about her background (like The Joker in The Dark Knight). From
1/3/09: Sad Taghmaoui has been cast as Caesar, who is "an important part of the setup for the final act of the show in season 6." From
1/3/09: Another tease that we'll get Rousseau's long-promised backstory this season. From TV Guide
11/16/08: Zuleikha Robinson has been cast as Ilana, which is a recurring character for season 5 with an option for appearing in season six. From Ausiello [There is a possibility that this character is actually a younger version of Danielle Rousseau.]
11/12/08: Season 5 will premier on January 21, 2009. There will be an hour long recap special followed by the first two hours of the season. Lost will then settle into its old 9pm (8pm central) timeslot on Wednesday nights. From ABC
10/24/08: We'll find out about Claire and get backstories for Richard Alpert and Rousseau. From Lyly [This is interesting since Emilie de Ravin isn't supposed to be a regular this season.]
10/16/08: Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) posted this over at The Fuselage: "There's some question as to whether I'll go the rest of the way."
10/16/08: In spite of the way Desmond and Penny's story seemed to reach a conclusion in the season four season finale, Desmond will be seen again and likely Penny as well. From TV Guide [We know that Ben is now set to go after Penny as payback for Alex, so it's not at all surprising that Desmond and Penny are still "in the mix.]
10/16/08: One more casting call from the first episode for another recurring character: Martha (35 to 40, Asian, attractive. A smart, capable scientist with a strong personality who has taken a break to raise her baby but plans to work again. Completely believes in the work she is doing but sometimes questions the decisions of those in charge...CO-STAR, RECURRING) From Ausiello
10/16/08: Dr. Candle gives his real name as Pierre Chang and is seems to have some knowledge of time travel. From Ausiello
8/13/08: Dr. Marvin Candle (Francois Chau) will be back in Season 5. The Orchid orientation video that Locke watched was one of three videos filmed. Chau says he knows who the baby and the voice behind the camera are but wouldn't reveal them. From Francois Chau Interview
8/9/08: More casting info on the two new characters: "Casear, a dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent male between the ages of 35 and 45. Although his intentions are unclear, this much is certain: he's as skillful at charming people as he is at killing them. He also has a dark past... Ilanna, a European female in her late 20s to early 30s who possesses great intelligence, but who's also dangerous as all get out. She's alluring and apparently used to getting her own way." From Ausiello
7/27/08: Faraday survived on the Zodiac, but the other nameless survivors likely did not. Speaking of Faraday, his little notebook is full of notes about things that will be prominant in this season. From io9 Article [Seems like this most likely means the end of episodes being single character-centric.]
7/27/08: Rousseau's story will still be told, but not as a flashback. In fact, there won't be flashbacks and flashforwards. There will still be on-Island and off-Island storytelling in different timeframes, but not in the existing structure of flashbacks/flashforwards. From io9 Article [Seems like this most likely means the end of episodes being single character-centric.]
7/17/08: Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) will appear "in some form" in the fifth season despite his apparent death. From Entertainment Weekly
7/17/08: Even though Lance Riddick has joined the cast of Fringe, he'll likely continue to appear as Matthew Abaddon since Fringe is from J. J. Abrams. From Kristin
7/17/08: David Reyes (Hurley's dad) will likely be back in the fifth season. From IGN Article [Considering Hurley is off the Island, this tidbit isn't that much of a surprise.]
7/17/08: Christian Shephard and Charles Widmore are likely to be recurring characters in the fifth season with the possibility of being regulars in the sixth season. From Ausiello [Widmore's expanded role isn't that surprising, but would Christian be Jack's dad or the embodiment of the Island?]
6/24/08: During the season, Jack will become more a man of faith, while Locke will be more a man of science. This ia reversal from their positions in earlier seasons. From Damon Lindelof
6/20/08: Richard Albert will be back and appear early in the season. From Nestor Carbonell Interview
6/20/08: Filming on the 5th season starts in August. From Nestor Carbonell Interview
6/18/08: Captain Gault will be back even though he died in season four. From Grand Bowler Interview [Widmore flashbacks?]
6/18/08: In an interview with E's Kristin, Cynthia Watros (Libby) accidentally referred to her character as Annie. [We betting she's just hoping that's who she hopes Libby really is.]
6/4/08: Christian Shephard will become very important this season. From Sky One's Lost: The Answers
6/4/08: "Jin is gonna be fine. I don't know exactly how, but he's going to be fine." From Kristin [We can't help but be skeptical. However, we would like Jin to have a chance to be reunited with Sun and their child.]
5/31/08: Emilie de Ravin will not be a regular in the fifth season, but is expected to return in the sixth season. From Kristin [Here's to hoping that she does more in her return and has a better ending than Michael, who skipped a season too.]
5/27/08: A female series regular going back to season one will not appear, but may return for the sixth season. From Kristin [Sure seems like this would be Claire.]
5/27/08: Alex could return. From TV Guide Interview [This is flimsy, but we hope it happens.]
4/25/08: The season four finale is basically a pilot for season five. From Doc Jensen [Sounds bigger than a cliffhanger like last year's flashforward revelation.]
4/25/08: The Orchid station may be a major set (like the Hatch in Season 2) for season five. From Kristin
4/20/08: Plans are for season five to begin airing in late January 2009, but the time slot is undetermined. From ABC Teleconference
4/20/08: After completion of the fourth season, there will be 34 episode left for the final two seasons, which is two more hours than were announced before the writers' strike, but covers the lost two hours from season four. From ABC Teleconference
4/20/08: Miles and Faraday will get centric episodes (or at least further development) during this season. From Entertainment Weekly
2/26/08: The season is about why the Oceanic Six have to get back to the island. From Damon Lindelof Interview in the NY Post
8/24/07: Casting Info for Charlotte: Late 20s. Very attractive in a naturalistic, athletic way, her looks are only one small part of charms. Precocious, loquacious, and funny, Charlotte a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world. On a personal level it is hard to crack the hard shell of poise and certainty around her, but when it DOES crack its like an egg; lots of repressed and pent up emotions spill out. Recurring arc with a possible option for series regular for next (5th) season. From DarkUFO
8/24/07: Casting info for Russell: Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science. Recurring arc with a possible option for series regular for next (5th) season. From DarkUFO
8/23/07: The character of Charlotte, an attractive and athletic academic, could be recurring through the 5th season. From secretagentman
8/23/07: The character of Russell, a brilliant mathematician in his 30's, could be recurring through the 5th season. From secretagentman
7/28/07: Rousseau storylines have to "sync" for her flashback, which they hope to do either in the fourth or fifth season. From Lost Panel at Comic Con [Whatever that means.]
5/13/07: Mrs. Hawking (from Desmond's flashback) will return. From Lost Podcast [Just not sure which season]
5/13/07: The season (as well as the fourth and sixth seasons) will be comprised of sixteen episodes that will run uninterrupted. From ABC

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