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Episode 514 Spoilers: The Variable; A "Daniel" Episode; April 29, 2009
4/28/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Juliet and Sawyer have a pow-wow about what to do.

Faraday is there too.

Juliet and Sawyer aren't done yet.

Miles spots someone or something in his rearview mirror.

Kate, Jack and Faraday look to have a plan.

Hurley and Miles play
[Hurley and Miles seem to be bonding and probably discussing hearing and seeing dead people.]

Faraday and Miles.

Radzinsky and two "black shirts" look ready to do violence.

Miles, Hurley and Jin look ready to travel... as do some other Dharme Initiative members.
[If we didn't see the other Dharma people in the background, we'd think that the "Losties" were escaping.]

Faraday looks to be trying to stop someone.
[is he trying to stop Radzinsky and his goons? Or maybe Kate and Jack who head for the Others?
Or maybe this is just an amusing "Superman" pose from Jeremy Davies.]

Penny and little Charlie. Notice the blood on her collar.
[We're assuming that is Desmond's blood.]

Penny and Eloise Hawking in the hospital.
[When we heard about the hospital scenes months ago, we thought Penny's life was in danger,
but now that we know Desmond was shot, we know he's the one in need of care.
Question is, why is Hawking there?]

4/19/09: Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Juliet, Faraday and Miles meet in Sawyer and Juliet's home to discuss what to do after Sawyer has been implicated. Sawyer wants to go back to the beach, but the others suggest using the submarine. Jin doesn't want to leave the Island while Sun might be there. Faraday's sanity is questioned with Sawyer calling him "Twitchy" and "H.G. Wells." Miles drives Faraday into the jungle to his mother ("younger Eloise Hawking") who "is the only person on the island who can get us back to where we belong." From TV Guide Magazine
4/13/09: ABC Official Press Release
3/20/09: Guest characters include Dr. Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang, Richard Alpert, Penny Widmore, Charles Widmore, Eloise Hawking, Phil, Radzinsky, younger Eloise Hawking, young Daniel Faraday and young Charlie. Other guest characters include Theresa, E.R. doctor, paramedic, caretaker, E.R. nurse, foreman, young girl, workman and anxious guy. From ABC ['younger Eloise Hawking'? Sure leaves the possibility that Ellie could be 'young' Eloise Hawking. All the medical staff fit with previous info about Charles and Penny Widmore at the hospital. Theresa is Faraday's ex-girlfriend who is in a coma and being cared for by Charles Widmore, only we'll see her with Faraday in flashbacks. Lastly, 'young Charlie'? As in our Charlie? It's also possible, but we find unlikely, that it could refer to Charles Widmore or even Penny's child, Charlie.]
3/20/09: The time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island. From ABC
3/18/09: Location shooting included Faraday, Ms. Hawking and a girl at his graduation. The girl was Faraday's girlfriend. Faraday and his mother argued about an "unnamed benefactor." Another location had Penny and Charles Widmore in a hospital. From The Transmission [Sounds like this fills in some info that Desmond previously learned. We're guessing the girl is the same one who was bedridden. The unknown benefactor is likely Widmore. Lastly, we're guessing that the hospital scene follows whatever happened between Ben and Desmond when Ben visited the marina prior to getting on the flight.]
3/18/09: Eloise Hawking appears. From Kristin
3/18/09: In addition to Radzinsky, Dr. Marvin Candle also appears. From DarkUFO
3/18/09: Location shooting at the Dharma camp had most action centered around the Dharma motor pool. Three Dharma vans, one badly wrecked and a blown-up house were seen. Jack, Kate and Faraday were in a gun battle with Radzinsky, Thug 1, Thug 2 and other "rifle-toting men" wearing black Dharma jumpsuits. Jack, Kate and Faraday get into the Dharma jeep, crash into a Dharma van and get away just as a fuel tank explodes. From Ryan in Hawaii
2/28/09: As the episode title hints, it's a follow-up on Desmond's episode "The Constant." This episode appears to be more from Daniel's perspective although Desmond is involved. Why Desmond is Daniel's constant will be explored. From DarkUFO
2/17/09: Guest character: GEORGE - 10 years old, very intelligent, sharp and bright. A child prodigy who is already completing high school level work. Extraordinarily gifted as a science student and musician, he still deep down simply wants to make his parents proud and get their love. Looking for someone with brown hair and brown eyes. Please submit actors that can play some piano... CO-STAR. From Casting Calls
2/15/09: Added episode title. From DarkUFO [So we've had The Constant and now The Variable.]
2/15/09: Guest character: SOPHIE - Late 30's - 40s, BRITISH. Very intelligent, skillful, prim and proper aristocrat yet someone who is tough and resourceful when necessary to protect her family. Looking for actress 5'0" to 5'4" in height for matching requirements. MUST HAVE AN ENGLISH ACCENT... ONE DAY GUEST STAR, PROBABLE RECUR. From Casting Calls [For matching requirements? Does that mean this is a younger or older version of a character that has already been introduced before this episode?]

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