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Episode 505 Spoilers: This Place Is Death; February 11, 2009
2/10/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Jin. [Notice the shelter.]

Jin finds a music box.

Young Rousseau aims her already familiar rifle.

Robert, one of the sciene team, aims at something.

Montand, another member of the science team.

Brennan, another French science team member.

It appears that Montand is trying to step in and calm Brennan, who is facing Jin.

The unnamed second female in the French science team.

Claire's mother answers the door...

Daniel, Charlotte and Sawyer.
[Where are Miles and Locke?]

Charlotte is looking to be in a really bad way.

Sawyer with two guns.

1/26/09: Guest characters include Aaron, Charlotte Lewis, Christian Shephard, Eloise Hawking, Mrs. Paik and Ji Yeon. Other guest characters include young Frenchwoman, Frenchman #1, Frenchman #2 and Frenchman #3 otherwise known as Rousseau and the science team. From ABC Official Press Release [Jin is again not listed, but he's supposed to reappear by now.]
1/26/09: Locke takes on the burden to stop the island's increasingly violent shifts through time. Meanwhile, Ben hits a roadblock in his attempt to reunite the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the island. From ABC Official Press Release
1/18/09: Based on previous spoilers, we had thought that Jin returns in episode 404, but he's not listed in that episode's press release and is said to return in this episode which is scheduled to air February 11th. From TV Guide
1/3/09: In filming that could be from either episode five or six, Matthew Abaddon was in a scene with Charles Widmore in a hospital. Jin was seen with the young Rousseau. From Ryan in Hawaii [We're assuming the Ryan is referring to the character otherwise known as Ilana.]
1/3/09: Lance Riddick was in Hawaii filming in mid-October, so Matthew Abaddon appears in either episode five or six. From Ausiello
1/3/09: Jorge Garcia mentioned that he was "working on a boat" around October 8th. From Jorge Garcia Blog [Filming date seems to fit with this episode.]
1/3/09: We're not sure if this scene is from episode 504 or 505. Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond were at a location shoot (possibly a church) together. Ben and Sun climb out of the van and talk. Ben hands Sun a small package and then Desmond walks up and exclaims, "What are you doing here?" They all then hurry into the building. Sun was armed the whole time and Desmond was wearing a wedding ring. From BuddyTV [So Desmond's made it to California since the last known sighting in the Phillipines in Episode 503.]
1/3/09: Jin's fate won't be seen in the first three episodes. It will be in the fourth and fifth episodes that we'll find out what happened to him when the freighter exploded. He'll apparently be found floating on a door. From Kristin [Based on the previous location shoot info about the six in the canoe, we're guessing that they find Jin in episode four and then in episode five we'll learn how he's been surviving.]
1/3/09: Horace Goodspeed (played by Don Hutchinson) returns for at least four episodes. Based on shooting dates and the interview date, we're guessing around episode five. From SciFi Wire [Based on the fact that Horace won't turn up until around episode five which is why Caesar also apparently turns up as well as the news that Ilana is "associated" with Caesar, we're guessing that Ilana, Caesar and Horace Goodspeed are part of the same storyline on the Island.]
1/3/09: Caesar doesn't appear until the fifth or sixth episode of the season and will appear in 5-6 episodes during the season. He will then be a regular in the sixth season. From AlloCine
1/3/09: Guest character: BRIGETTE - Early 20s, Caucasian, French. Pretty and self-reliant. Works as a waitress in an up-scale restaurant in Tunisia and meets a mysterious stranger. Must speak French.... Guest star. From Casting Calls
10/24/08: Added episode title. From Lyly

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