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Episode 511 Spoilers: Whatever Happened, Happened;
A "Kate" Episode; April 1, 2009
4/1/09: Episode Recap Now Available
4/1/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Sawyer and Jack having one of their "discussions" as Kate and Miles look on.

A different view shows that Hurley is around too.

Horace, Jin, Miles and Phil stroll into Security where Sawyer and Kate are chatting.

Kate can be seen leaving as Horace talks to Sawyer.

Sawyer and Horace talk by what had been Sayid's cell.
[Based on the promo, Horace is likely suggesting that someone in Dharma let Sayid out.]

Miles offers Hurley a sidearm.

Hurley and Miles play.
[Hurley and Miles seem to be bonding and probably discussing hearing and seeing dead people.]

3/25/09: During young Ben's four episode arc, "Ben will [come to] know everything about every little bit about the Island. We're not going to learn more about the past with Dharma, we're going to learn more about the past of the Island." From Kristin
3/16/09: Guest characters include Horace Goodspeed, young Ben, Roger Linus, Cassidy, Clementine, Carol Littleton, Aaron and Phil. Other guest characters include Erik, Debra, sweet young woman, grocery worker and manager. From ABC Official Press Release [So we see Sawyer's daughter Clementine and apparently Claire's mother is back for the flashbacks relating to what happened to Aaron. Did Kate end up giving him to his grandmother?]
3/16/09: Kate goes to extreme measures to save Ben's life when Jack refuses to help. Meanwhile, Kate begins to tell the truth about the lie in order to protect Aaron. From ABC Official Press Release [Sure seems like Sayid is the one that goes "rogue" considering he appears to be under threat of death in episode 509.]
2/28/09: Starting with Episode 509 ("Namaste"), young Ben returns for four episodes. When we first see him, he's "sweet" and even "helps the castaways." Then "you'll see how Ben gets so cruel. A very bad thing happens that changes everything. A group of people [not the Others or Dharma] shapes who Ben becomes. You've seen a glimpse of them before." From TV Guide [Our first thought is that one of the survivors (like Sayid) attacks Ben although Faraday is also a possibility, but we've more than glimpsed both characters.]
2/15/09: Sayid is wanted by the Dharma Initiative. Young Ben helps him escape, but ends up getting shot. Juliet, Kate and Sawyer take the wounded young Ben to Richard and the Others. From DarkUFO [It would appear that Sayid is the traitor, but there's likely more layers that haven't been spoiled yet.]
2/15/09: One of the "returnees" turns traitor. From DarkUFO [This would probably explain one main character shooting another main character. Of course, this raises the question as to why the character would "turn."]
2/15/09: Kate visits Cassidy because Sawyer asked her take care of Clementine. However, Cassidy isn't thrilled to see her. From DarkUFO
1/26/09: Young Ben will be seen. One major character shoots another main character, leaving them seriously injured. From DarkUFO [Why do we jump to thinking it's Locke and Ben even though Ben's already shot Locke. Does Locke shoot Ben for causing the bad things on the Island? It would fit with the title.]
1/26/09: Added episode title. From DarkUFO
1/18/09: When picking his favorite scene, Terry O'Quinn indicated it was one that he had shot with Michael Emerson (Ben) on 12/18/08, which would fall in episode 511 according to the shooting schedule (assuming it wasn't a pick-up shot). From Terry O'Quinn
1/18/09: Guest characters: ERIK - Late 20s to 30s. Any ethnicity. Smart and dangerous. Tough military type. Follows orders and doesn't question them. He is a loyal soldier. CO-STAR, COULD POSSIBLY RECUR. CO-STAR; DEBRA - Late 20s to 30s. Any ethnicity. Intelligent field nurse. Can quickly respond to new emergencies. Strong, does not shrink from overwhelming situations. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls

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