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Episode 512 Spoilers: Dead Is Dead; A "Ben" Episode; April 8, 2009
3/25/09: During young Ben's four episode arc, "Ben will [come to] know everything about every little bit about the Island. We're not going to learn more about the past with Dharma, we're going to learn more about the past of the Island." From Kristin
3/25/09: ABC Official Press Release
3/20/09: Guest characters include Frank Lapidus, Richard Alpert, Alex, Penny Widmore, Charles Widmore, Caesar, Ilana, young Ben and young Rousseau. Other guest characters include Bram and Jed. From ABC [Bram is supposed to be tied to Ilana, so either a flashback or maybe someone else from the Arija 216 crash? Penny's also back for the first time since Ben's ominous visit to the marina. We're guessing somehow young Ben, young Rousseau, teenage Alex and Richard somehow are in the same storyline.]
3/20/09: To atone for sins of the past, Ben must attempt to summon the smoke monster in order to be judged. From ABC [We're not sure we can believe this episode description. Even if it really happens, we can't believe ABC would give it away in the release.]
2/28/09: Starting with Episode 509 ("Namaste"), young Ben returns for four episodes. When we first see him, he's "sweet" and even "helps the castaways." Then "you'll see how Ben gets so cruel. A very bad thing happens that changes everything. A group of people [not the Others or Dharma] shapes who Ben becomes. You've seen a glimpse of them before." From TV Guide [Our first thought is that one of the survivors (like Sayid) attacks Ben although Faraday is also a possibility, but we've more than glimpsed both characaters.]
2/28/09: [We first posted this in episode 11 on 2/15/09, but it now looks like at least some of the info belongs with this episode.] Sayid is wanted by the Dharma Initiative. Young Ben helps him escape, but ends up getting shot. Juliet, Kate and Sawyer take the wounded young Ben to Richard and the Others. From DarkUFO [It would appear that Sayid is the traitor, but there's likely more layers that haven't been spoiled yet.]
2/28/09: It's a big Kate episode. From [This confirms earlier spoilers about Kate.]
2/28/09: Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Miles (holding a shotgun) have an indoor scene where Sawyer brings news that someone has been shot. Miles then worries about "the catastrophic collapse of the space-time continuum." From [This seems to confirm spoilers about young Ben being shot and the survivors helping him survive. It seems that someone (Sayid? Faraday?) decided to attempt to change history.]
2/15/09: Danielle's beach camp was set up for shooting. From Ryan in Hawaii [The shooting date seems to indicate that this could be from episode 512 or 513. So we're back to 1988 again. Maybe some of the Oceanic Six end up in this time frame?]
2/15/09: Location shooting appeared to involve Frank Lapidus (the pilot's uniform was a tip-off) arriving on the beach rather banged up and somewhat bloodied. A man in a burgundy shirt (one of the new recurring cast?) runs up to Frank. Luggage was strewn on the beach along with two canoes (likely the same ones seen in episode 504 by Sawyer and Co.). Another location shoot was back at the Dharma camp where a rather well-dressed Locke (not in Island attire) heading for Ben's cabin. Ben was also seen filming, but not sure if it was with Locke. From DarkUFO
2/15/09: Added episode title. From DarkUFO
2/15/09: Location shooting took place inside a supermarket. A car with a damaged hood also was seen outside. It was supposedly a scene involving Kate searching for Aaron. From Ryan in Hawaii [Kate is back on the Island around the ninth episode, so this might part of that "new storytelling style.]
2/9/09: Guest character: BRIAN - Any ethnicity, late 20s to mid-30s. Smart, charismatic and clever with the ability to be PHYSICALLY IMPOSING. He is wise beyond his years. Capable of genuine charm, he is also the first person you'd want to help you out of any serious jams. LOOKING FOR VERY INTERESTING ACTORS...GUEST STAR, RECURRING. From Casting Calls
2/9/09: Casting call for a 2 to 4 year old, brown haired, brown eyed little Caucasian girl. From Casting Calls [Sawyer's daughter?]
1/18/09: Guest character: GRAHAM - Caucasian, male, 40. Blue eyes, 6 foot, English/British ONLY, confident, has come into his own and ready to be a leader. He's the SVP of a major financial corporation jockeying for the CEO position...GUEST STAR. From Casting Calls

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