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Episode 503 Spoilers: Jughead; January 28, 2009
1/26/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Charlotte and Miles are led into a military camp by Ellie.

Daniel and Richard Alpert talk as Miles, Charlotte and Ellie (the one with the gun) look on.
[Richard appears to be head of the camp.]

Richard ends up untying Daniel.

Jones interrupts as Richard and Daniel talk.

Jones gets in Richard's face as Daniel goes with Ellie.
[This must be after he struggles with whoever and they fall.]

Ellie and Daniel watch [Jones.. see next pic].

Jones runs.

Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Richard, Ellie and some others.

What are Sawyer and Juliet looking at?
[The tower?]

Daniel, Miles and Charlotte are interrupted by Ellie.

Daniel climbs up the tower.

To look at?.

Juliet presumably looks up at the tower as Ellie stands by.

Desmond looks to have made it to Oxford's Department of Physics.

1/18/09: Guest characters include Richard Alpert, Penny Widmore, Charles Widmore and Charlotte Lewis. Other guest characters include Jones, Ellie, Abigail, Cunningham, custodian, Moira, Efren Salonga, Theresa and secretary. From ABC Official Press Release
1/18/09: Desmond goes in search of a woman who could be the key to helping Faraday stop the island's erratic movements through time. Locke discovers the identity of the unknown forces who have been attacking the survivors. From ABC Official Press Release
1/3/09: Jin's fate won't be seen in the first three episodes. From Kristin
1/3/09: The episode doesn't have any flashfowards or flashback and is "very linear" in storytelling. Penny and Desmond are indeed having a baby. They have been moving every few months and are currently somewhere called mati. Ben is after them and tortures someone from Widmore. It's supposedly revealed that there are a few other Dharma stations located around the world and not just on the Island. From DarkUFO
1/3/09: Desmond followed by Solanga carrying his doctor's bag run down a dock onto a boat and down into the hold as he shouts, "Penny, we're here." From Location Reports [So Desmond finds Solanga and it is Penny that needs the doctor. It's possible that she's pregnant or ready to give birth based on rumors of another Caucasion baby (which rules out Ji Yeon) being cast.]
1/3/09: A large camp set complete with a wooden tower (probably a well) was seen. Locke and Sawyer were seen on the set. From Location Reports [Likely the Others' latest camp.]
1/3/09: A location has been set up as Simon's Butcher Shop. From Location Reports [Would this be Simon Pace's (Charlie's father) shop? Or something else entirely?]
1/3/09: Desmond rushes into a Phillipine market. He looks at a piece of paper he has, looks around and repeatedly called for Solanga. From Ryan in Hawaii [So why is Desmond so desperate to find the doctor? Is Penny hurt?]
1/3/09: Casting info for four guest characters: THERESA - Female, 30s, British, blonde. Pretty suffers from dementia but also has short periods of complete lucidity...ONE DAY GUEST STAR, COULD POSSIBLY RECUR; ABIGAIL - Female, 30s, British; working class. Stoic - but deeply wounded. Has a way with bitter sarcasm, though she's a loyal caregiver at heart...ONE DAY GUEST STAR; JANITOR - Male, late 40s or 50s, must have a British working class accent. Nosy, opinionated, resident rumor monger of a school. Knows everyone's business and can't keep a secret to save his life...NICE CO-STAR; SOLANGA - Male, 50s, Filipino. The village doctor in a small, rural community. Has his vices but also genuine medical skills. Speaks relatively good English with an accent...CO-STAR. From secretagentman
11/16/08: Casting info for guest characters: "Nigel is British, in his late teens. Smart and mature for his age, if a little rough around the edges. Sophie is a British aristocrat in her late teens and appears quite innocent and a little prim, but underneath she is formidable." From secretagentman
11/16/08: Locke and Richard Alpert go to a particular location on the Island where Richard is able to determine what year it is. Then they are on the run from armed men on the Island. Locke attempts to climb a tree and is apparently shot in the leg. A small plane similar to the Nigerian drug plane was also glimpsed. From Location Reports [We're guessing that it IS the Nigerian drug plane, but who knows.]
11/16/08: Another guest character: CUNNINGHAM - Mid-20s to Early 30s. Any ethnicity. Athletic, used to living outdoors and off the land. He is a loyal soldier but willing to compromise with the enemy to protect his men...VERY NICE CO-STAR. THIS ROLE IS INTRODUCED IN 502 AND HAS 3 SCENES IN 503. From Casting Calls
11/9/08: According to Jorge Garcia, there's a reveal in the episode. From Zap2It [Perhaps a reference to the Black Rock?]
11/9/08: According to Michael Emerson, Ben isn't seen much in the first four episodes. From Zap2It
10/24/08: Added episode title. From Lyly
8/19/08: Secretagentman has hinted that the two Brits being cast for the second and third episodes might point to a flashback to the Black Rock. Seeming to confirm this are rumors that the Lost crew are searching for an imposing black sailing ship as well as a "chase" ship.
8/16/08: Casting info for guest characters: "Nigel is British, in his late teens. Smart and mature for his age, if a little rough around the edges. Sophie is a British aristocrat in her late teens and appears quite innocent and a little prim, but underneath she is formidable." From secretagentman

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