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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Son Also Rises
Episode Number: 317
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 3/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,399

Adama picks up Starbuck's photo from her official file. He begins to cry.

On Colonial One, Tory is drawing names from among the captains of the fleet. The first is from Captain Elias Meeker from the Gideon.

Adama goes through Starbuck's file including the disciplinary notices.

On Colonial One, Roslin files that Adama's name is the last one drawn by Tory.

Adama opens a birthday card where Kara had drawn a mustache on a picture of herself.

Down on the hangar deck, Anders stands in a Viper, drinks and correctly calls heads every time on a cubit. Figurski asks him to climb down, but Anders says he's just ffine

In the memorial corridor, Lee takes out Kara's picture. The door opens and he tucks the picture back in his pocket. It's Racetrack and she's gets his attention..

Lee climbs up on the Viper and tries to talk to Anders. Anders starts to crack, saying that "she wasn't supposed to." He then says he has to go and tries to climb down, but falls instead.

Lee climbs down from the Viper and goes to Anders. Anders starts to break down and asks Lee if she's alive and Lee says that she's gone. Anders affirms that he knows.

The CAP flies with Hot Dog heard on the wireless.

In CIC, Tigh comments that he never thought he's miss Kara's chatter. Gaeta agrees. Adama walks into CIC and Tigh tells him that he's one of five captains serving on Baltar's tribunal.

Racetrack complains about flying Baltar's lawyer around. The lawyer walks up and whispers in her ear like she was just complaining about. Cally calls him Mr. Hughes and helps him into the shuttle. Racetrack has one last gripe about him taking his shoes off and climbs in. Cally and Skulls talk. Skulls says that Baltar gave up their position and he doesn't deserver a trial. Cally says that he deserves a trial like everyone else even if she thinks he's guilty.

As Racetrack readies herself in the cockpit, there is an explosion in the rear of the Raptor.

A deckhand carries out Hughes' body out of the Viper. Hughes is checked and found to be dead as Skulls and Athena look on.

Act 1:
On Colonial One, Roslin holds a press conference as Adama, Tigh and Tory stand behind her. She is asked about replacing Baltar's lawyer and if it'll be done by lottery. She says that she's working through a list. The next question is about whether the trial is worth it in light of the safety concerns. She says that terrorism won't prevent the legal system from going forward and ends of the press conference.

In the pilots' briefing, Lee assigns Helo to Sector Seven, which Helo corrects as being Sector Nine. Lee looks shaky as he acknowledges the error. He says that they will be flying double shifts. He then assigns Athena to shuttle runs. Racetrack makes a comment about checking under her back seat and Lee accidentally calls her Starbuck as he starts to say that she got lucky. He apologizes and then hurriedly brings the briefing to an end and dismisses the pilots.

On Colonial One, Romo Lampkin talks with Adama and Roslin. Roslin says that she's comforted that he's not afraid to defend Baltar. Lampkin says he'll do it for the fame and glory. Adama wonders if a lawyer from the public sector can handle it. Lampkin says that he was born "for this and has a pulse." Suddenly, a cat jumps up. Lampkin says that it was his wife's. He says that he despises the cat as much as Roslin despises picking him to defend Baltar

Adama pulls Lee in to providing security. Lee figures that Adama is grounding him. Adama says that he's the only one that he can trust. He wants Lee to look after Lampkin. Helo will temporarily take over as CAG. Lee says that he's fine. Adama says that Lee isn't okay because he isn't okay. He doesn't want Lee "out there" until Lee to work it out.

Lee shows Lampkin to his quarters. He says that Cassidy, the prosecuting attorney is down the hall. Lampkin wants to see Baltar. Lee is surprised that he wants to see him now. Lampkin guess that Lee is "king of the pilots" and says that they can talk about how he ended up with this assignment. He wants to see Baltar in Lee's quarters where there are likely no listening devices. Lampkin argues that he has the right. He says that it's written in "here" and shows him a book written by Joseph Adama.. Lee finally agrees. Lampkin says that Lee looks "like him." Lee asks if Lampkin knew his grandfather. Lampkin says that he hated his guts, but Joseph Adama taught him everything he knows.

The hands of the bomber are shown working on another bomb.

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