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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Son Also Rises
Episode Number: 317
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 3/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,399

Act 3:
Tyrol walks in to one of the maintenance lockers with the bomb. He says that it would have done serious damage and killed people. Kelly, Racetrack, Cally, Figurksi, Helo, Athena, Racetrack and Hot Dog are all there. Kelly says that he doesn't want to see his friends die carrying Baltar's lawyer around. Cally theorizes that the Cylons are doing the bombings in order to split the fleet apart, so that they will just have to clean up the mess when they arrive. She thinks the Cylons are already in the fleet. Athena says that she doesn't think so. Cally says that she could have died today. She says that she could have kissed her son for the last time today. Tyrol tries to calm her down. Cally says that some of us only get one chance and not a second or a third. Athena leaves. Tyrol says that he's going to the admiral.

Lee tells Lampkin to be aware of anything different. Lampkin says that if they want to kill him, they'll find a way. He then requests to see Caprica Six.

Baltar sits down to write, but can't find his pen.

On Colonial One, Roslin can't find her glasses. She says that Lampkin can interview Caprica Six. Lee wants Adama to not listen in on the meeting himself since he's on the tribunal. Adama says that he monitors all the chief prosecutor's activities and will do the same for Baltar's lawyer in the interests of fairness. Lee then asks about the papers. Tory says that they have been having trouble locating the papers.

Lampkin and Lee wait for Caprica Six. Lampkin asks her about Baltar. She says that Baltar is brilliant, but then points out his flaws and says that she should have been the one to stab him. Lampkin makes a few comments about Six's wiring and wonders if Cylon love is different from human love. Lampkin describes the love of his life and that it fell apart after ten years. He says that he tried to get over her, but ended up feeling empty. He realized how much he loved her because of how much strength it took for him to overcome that love. Caprica Six falls for it. She asks if Baltar asked about her. Lampkin takes his glasses off. He then says that Baltar wanted to know if she was well and that he loves her. Lampkin takes out a pen and says that Baltar wanted Lampkin to give it to Baltar. Baltar was keeping the pen at great risk, because he uses it to try and give his life focus. He keeps it hidden because he knows that he won't get another one. In spite of this, Baltar wanted her to have it because nothing has meaning without her. Lampkin says that Baltar wants her to have it because he'd do anything to be with her again. She says that it's a shame because "they" would never let her keep it and she returns the pen. Lampkin then gestures to where Adama and Roslin stand listening and says that they won't give her a trial, not even a bad one. He then asks her if her love hurts as much as his. Caprica answers that it does.

Roslin says that she feels like part of "our world" just fell. Adama looks uncomfortable.

Lee and Lampkin talk in Lee's quarters over a drink. Lee wants to know why Lampkin encouraged Baltar to write and then took Baltar's pen. Lampkin says that it'll spin into that the establishment silenced or gagged Baltar. Lee then wants to know why Lampkin lied to Baltar and Caprica Six. Lee tells him about how his grandfather would tell him to be good, but not too good. Lampkin says that everyone has demons, even the machine. Lee remembers reading about how his grandfather helped murders and criminals go free. He wonders why his grandfather did it. Lampkin says that Joe Adama was only interested in understand why people did want they did and in the flaws of human nature. Lampkin wanted to learn the same thing so he spends every day with the fallen, the corrupt and the damaged. Lampkin says that Lee was ready to fly him to Colonial One and be a "bad boy." Lee denies it, but Lampkin wants to know what Lee's doing in his business. Lampkin gets up to leave. Lee wants to know if Lampkin's story about the girl was true. Lampkin turns back to Lee, looks over the top of his sunglasses and says that it was.

Lampkin is escorted to his quarters. Figurski walks up with the files from Colonial One. Lampkin figured that he wouldn't have gotten the papers until after the trial. The guards want to check it out. Figurski says that he was there when Kelly x-rayed them. Lampkin opens the box up. He and the guards look through them and they give them the okay. Lampkin goes to his door.

One of the guards notices a screw on the floor.

Lampkin starts to punch into his keypad. The guard notices that the keypad screw is missing. He pushes Lampkin out of the way at the last second as the keypad explodes.

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