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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Son Also Rises
Episode Number: 317
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 3/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,399

Act 2:
Baltar is escorted under heavy guard down a Galactica corridor.

Lee and Lampkin wait for Baltar in Lee's quarters. Baltar is unshackled. The guard steps out and closes the door. Baltar immediately wants to know what Lee is doing there. Lampkin says that Lee signed confidentiality papers. Baltar blames security for the death of his other lawyer. Baltar says that his last lawyer did nothing, but smuggle his papers out. Baltar asks for papers. Lampkin takes some out and throws them on the desk. Baltar takes some notes. Baltar wants to know if Lampkin thinks he'll get a fair trial. Lampkin points out that his manifesto shows a great change in Baltar. He encourages Baltar to keep writing "to keep them guessing." Baltar says that Caprica Six worries him and that "they" could use her to destroy him. Baltar wants to talk to Caprica Six. He wants Lampkin to tell her that he loves her and is thinking of her. Lampkin clearly doesn't buy it. Baltar says that he needs to know where everyone stands.

Lampkin wants Lee to take him to Colonial One. Lee is surprised. Lampkin antagonizes Lee about feeling like everyone is watching him like he's bleeding out of his side. Lee shoves him against the wall. Lampkin says that there is someone in there.

Captain Kelly tries to stop Lee from boarding the Raptor because of Adama's orders for him to stay shipside. Lee says that he's only along for the ride. Kelly relents..

Lee and Athena prep the Raptor. Lampkin climbs in and the Raptor door starts to close.

Tyrol halts the start-up. He spotted something that he thought looked like a cat. Lampkin says that it's his cat. The crew chase Lampkin's cat until Tyrol spots a bomb under the Raptor.

Adama wants to know what Lee was doing on the hangar deck. Lee says that he was doing his job and that Lampkin wanted files from Colonial One. Adama says that he was being led around by the nose. Adama says that he gave him an order. Lee says that Athena was flying. He tells Lee that he's a soldier and needs to start living like one. Adama is clearly unhinged. He says that there was a bomb and Lee missed it. Lee says that it's been two weeks since Kara died and he didn't realize that there was a clock. Adama tells him not to "quantify" his loss. Adama says that in two weeks, he's going to sit on a tribunal and do his job. He tells Lee to "build a nest" around Lampkin and protect him.

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