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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Son Also Rises
Episode Number: 317
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 3/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,399

Act 4:
Lee walks into sickbay with Lampkin's bag. He brings it to Lampkin's bedside. He asks Lee to open up his bag and pulls out Roslin's glasses. Lampkin says that the glasses are serious and that spreads in the courtroom. He then a trinket that Lampkin says was Adama's. He says that he grabbed it on the hangar deck just after the bomb was found. He says that Adama will be happy to sit in the courtroom and not be a soldier for a while. Lee pulls out an open-toed shoe and Lampkin says that it is the prosecuting attorney's. Lee notices that Cassidy drags her feet. Lee wants to know what the rest is and Lampkin says that he borrows things. He says that his parents were kidnapped when he was nine years old and were murdered for the money that they were carrying. Lampkin says that he then lived with an uncle and stole from him until he had enough to run away. Lee wants to know what Lampkin took from him. Lampkin says he was planning to take the picture of Starbuck that Lee keeps. Lampkin asks Lee to get something out of the other pocket. It's the pen. Lampkin says the guards took it from Caprica Six and he borrowed it from them. He says that if Lee wants to help and dares to help, he asks that Lee return it to Baltar. Lee pulls out a piece of the bomb. He wants Lampkin to explain it. Lampkin doesn't what it is, but that he got it from Kelly.

Kelly tells Lee that he wouldn't have let Athena take off with Lee onboard. He tells Lee that he wants him to lock him up and he doesn't want a trial. Otherwise, he says that he'll keep trying and won't stop. Kelly says that he does his job every day and he sent people out to die. He says that he can't take it anymore. He believes "that man" would pick helping a Cylon over humans.

Adama gets on the phone and orders that Lee be reinstated as CAG. He hangs up and then apologizes to Lee. He says that he was wrong and made things worse. He says now that they know that Kelly was responsible, they can ease security. Lee thinks that he needs to help Lampkin prepare for the trial because of Lampkin's condition. Adama says that Roslin has some possibilities. Lee says what about himself since he's already familiar with the case and Lampkin's strategy. Adama says that "we have it under control" and says that Lampkin will have help. Lee says that he wants to do it. Adama says that he's a CAG, not a lawyer. Lee counters that Adama isn't a judge. Adama answers that he "along with four other men" is capable of listening and making an ethical decision. Lee says that he's capable of helping Lampkin. Adama says, "Forget it. I need you as CAG." Lee asks him why he gave him his grandfather's law books then. Lee wonders if Adama is afraid that Lee will end up like his grandfather. Adama says that he made a mistake and says that Lee is a pilot. Lee gets testy and claims that with Zak and Kara gone, Adama wants Lee to "carry the flag." adama says that Lee's his son and he will not look across the court and see him "on the other side." Lee wants to know if he see him or someone else. Adama simply tells him to report for duty. Lee wants to know if it's an order. Adama says that Lee's in over his head. Lee again asks if Adama is giving him an order. Adama says that he's done giving Lee orders.

Adama walks into CIC. He orders that Lee's name be removed from the board and that Helo will remain as CAG because Lee has more important things to do.

Lee puts up Kara's picture in the memorial wall next to Kat. Anders hobbles in on crutches. Lee asks him how his leg is. Anders calls it his "lucky break." He says that it gave him a reason not to come up to the memorial corridor, but after a while "you run out of excuses.". Lee says that it's hard to let her go. He starts to leave and Anders makes a point of telling Lee that he'll see him around. Lee leaves and Anders gazes at Kara's picture.

Baltar wakes up, turns over and spots something. He notices an envelope on the floor. He grabs it and opens it up to find his pen. There is also a note from Lampkin that says that there is no greater ally than a son that is stepping out of the shadow of his father.

Bonus Scene:
Cally works on a Viper. Cally suddenly finds Athena is behind her. Cally looks startled. Cally tells her that everyone went to chow. Athena says that she doesn't want everybody. She asks Cally if she's scared, because she is. Athena says that she wouldn't have planted a bomb on her own ship. Cally says that she didn't say that it was Athena. Athena says that she's not saying that it was Cally, but Cally was the last one who was on Racetrack's Raptor before that bomb went off and she was on duty when Tyrol found the bomb on her own Raptor. Cally gets angry and starts to come after her, but Athena shoves her up against the Viper. Athena asks, "You hate Cylons, don't you?" Suddenly, Athena pulls her gun on Cally. Then she offers it to Cally. She tells Cally to get rid of one. Cally takes the gun. Athena tells her to take a chance there is no resurrection ship nearby. She says that Cally hates who she is and where she comes from and hates her because she's a Cylon. She continues that she doesn't think Cally will do it because Athena loves her husband, loves her daughter and loves Galactica because of what it means to her. She doesn't think Cally will take a mother away from her child. Athena takes the pistol back. She tells Cally that she can hate her all she wants, but to keep it to herself. Athena then points the pistol up against the Viper next to Cally's head. Athena then says that if they find out that Cally was the bomber then Cally'll be the one who doesn't get a trial because she'll kill Cally herself. Athena walks off leaving a shaken Cally alone on the hangar deck.

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