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Commander Adama in Season Two:
Commander William Adama begins the season clinging to life. A medic is left to keep him alive because Doctor Cottle making rounds in the fleet when the Galactica was separated from the rest. The medic conducts emergency surgery, which is partially successful. When Doctor Cottle is finally able to return to Galactica, he finds Adama has internal bleeding and needs another operation. It is still touch and go after his second surgery, but he finally pulls through. Almost as soon as he regains consciousness, he goes to see Colonel Tigh to find out what has been going on.

Colonel Tigh admits that he's made a mess. A resupply party has caused civilian deaths in the fleet, he declared martial law and President Roslin has escaped with his son, Captain Lee Adama's help. Adama decides that he can't allow Roslin to roam amongst the fleet. He decides to institute quarentine procedures in order to track her down, but she manages to send a message to fleet calling for them to follow her on a pilgrimage to Kobol in order to find the way to Earth. He and Tigh watch as twenty-four ships follow Roslin, which is nearly a third of the fleet.

After distracting himself with trying to find a new CAG to replace his son, Commander Adama surprises Colonel Tigh by announcing that he is going to reunite the fleet. He decides to take a single Raptor down to Kobol. He takes Billy Keikeya with him. They find the party down on Kobol and he is reunited with his son, President Roslin and Kara. Then he spots Caprica Boomer whom he ends up choking before being pulled off. He then tells Roslin that he's going with her to find the Tomb of Athena. After Boomer shows them the entrance to the tomb, she pulls a gun on Adama and Meier pulls a gun on Lee. Boomer then shoots Meier and hands her weapon over to Adama. Adama, Roslin, Lee, Kara and Billy enter the tomb and end up finding a starchart with twelve constellations and a familiar nebula, which map the location of Earth.

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