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Commander Adama in the Miniseries:
Commander William Adama is the commander of the soon-to-be decommissioned Battlestar Galactica. Chief Tyrol and his deckgang present Adama with his old Mark II Viper that they had found junked and worked to restore. In his quarters, Adama talks his XO, Colonel Saul Tigh, out of pressing charges against Lieutenant Kara Thrace over a dust-up, especially since Tigh was drunk at the time.He hosts the Secretary of Education Laura Roslin. His son, Captain Lee Adama, is also temporarily onboard, assigned to participated in the retirement ceremony. In the meantime,

Commander Adama and his son, Captain Adama, finally talk after a photo op for the press. It does not go well when Lee tells him that he still blames him for Zak's death. The ceremony is carried out with Lee piloting Adama's old Viper. Secretary of Education Roslin then leaves for Caprica with Lee flying escort for her liner. It is at this point that the Cylons attack. Commander Adama orders the Galactica head for the fight. Adama assumes fleet command. After the Galactica sustains heavy damage in an attack and Colonel Tigh has ordered several manned compartment vented, Adama calms Chief Tyrol, who is upset that he lost eighty-five men. Adama backs Tigh's decision.

Because the Galactica was about to be retired, she had few live weapons so Adama decides to jump to Ragnar Anchorage, a munitions depot. It is while they are calculating the jump that learns that most of the colonial fleet has been destroyed and the Galactica is the last remaining Battlestar. He sends orders for everyone to abandon and jump for Ragnar Anchorage to regroup for a counterattack. Roslin, who is now acting President, instead orders him to join in rescue operations that she has begun. When Adama tries to talk to her, he finds out that his son, Lee, is with her ship. Lee chooses to follow her order. A Cylon Raider then appears to destroy Colonial One. Adama thinks he's lost his lone surviving son. He orders the jump to Ragnar Anchorage.

When they arrive at Ragnar Anchorage, Chief Tyrol finds an arms dealer, Leoben Conoy, guarding the depot. Adama comes aboard to talk with him and then becomes trapped with him when a missle goes off. They make their way out another way and during their conversation, Adama realizes that Leoben is a humanoid Cylon. He manages to kill Leoben since the radiation from the nearby storm has affected his silica pathways. When he returns to Galactica, he tells Tigh about Leoben. In the meantime, Baltar's Inner Six has clued him in on a Cylon device in CIC. Baltar convinces Tigh and Adama that Aaron Doral is another Cylon and they leave him behind at Ragnar Anchorage.

Commander Adama also learns that his son, Lee, is still alive and has arrived with President Roslin's survivor fleet. Adama names him the Galactica's CAG. Adama talks with Roslin and tells her of his intentions to launch a counterattack on the Cylons, but she convinces him to retreat and keep the human race from becoming extinct. After some thought, he agrees. After Lieutenant Kara Thrace returns from a recon mission with the intel that the Cylons are waiting just outside the storm, Adama formulates a plan to use the Galactica to screen therest of the fleet from attack while it jumps away. At a memorial ceremony , he gives the fleet a goal and a hope by claiming to know the location of the lost thirteenth colony, Earth. He assumes decisions on military matters, while President Roslin handles civilian matters.

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