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Commander Adama in Season One:
The first issue that Commander Adama has to deal with is the Cylons seem to be able to track the fleet during its FTL jumps. It is finally determined that the Cylons are tracking a particular ship, the Olympic Carrier. It is decides by Adama and President Roslin to destroy the ship and the Cylons stop following them. The next crisis is over water. Several explosions, possibly sabotage, deplete Galactica's water supply, so Adama orders recon mission to find a planetary body with a supply of water. Boomer and Crashdown find an icy moon, which requires manpower to recover the water. This leads to the next crisis when inmates on the Astral Queen are asked to help harvest the water.

Commander Adama is forced to send in an assault team when terrorist Tom Zarek takes hostages, including Captain Adama. Adama is shaken when Lieutenant Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace admits that his younger son, Zak, failed Basic Flight Training, but as his instructor, she passed him because they were engaged. Adama then deals with a tribunal looking into sabotage, but turns into a witch hunt. His suspicious behavior while covertly investigating his XO, Colonel Saul Tigh's newly discovered wife, Ellen Tigh, leads President Roslin to suspect that he might be a Cylon.

With the fleet running low on fuel, Commander Adama decides to launch an attack on a Cylon tylium mine, which involves sending Captain Adama on a dangerous mission. The fleet next finds an abandoned planet that President Roslin believes is Kobol. She wants to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo from Caprica, but Adama does not have any faith in her new-found religious scheme. Roslin undermines him by convincing Lieutenant Thrace to take the captured Cylon Raider back to Caprica, who asks Adama about Earth before she leaves.

When Commander Adama finds out that Lieutenant Thrace was subverted by Roslin, he orders Colonel Tigh and Captain Adama to arrest her. When they arrive, Captain Adama turns on Tigh, but then Roslin surrenders. Meanwhile, Captain Adama sent Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii to infiltrate and destroy the Cylon Basestar guarding Kobol. With Captain Adama shackled and looking on, Adama congratulates Boomer before she shoots him twice, leaving him bleeding in C & C with his son looking on.

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