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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 1
Episode Number: 318
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/18/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Racetrack moves out in her Raptor to watch the "back door," as the fleet jumps away.

The Raptor moves into position behind Racetrack and her ECO talk about having to wait twelve hours to see if the Cylons are following. They settle down for a card game to pass the time.

Prosecuting attorney Cassidy gives her opening statement and asks "How do we measure loss?" She says that they use numbers, but when the numbers grew too big, they started measuring the living. She points out that 44.035 settled on New Caprica, but when they left there it was down to 38,838. That means that 5,197 never made it off New Caprica.

Gaeta and Dee are seen watching from the gallery.

Various parts of the fleet can be heard listening to Cassidy's statement on the wireless.

Cassidy says that Baltar was trusted with their surivival and instead they got oppression. She says that Baltar was not a victim, but made a choice to side with the Cylons and "seek the death" of humans.

Lampkin opens his statement by saying that he wants to change his plea to guilty. Judge Franks and the gallery murmur their surprise. Lampkin says that he doesn't want to, but he has no choice since Baltar is guilty and no better than the Cylons. He says that Baltar is their enemy and that the one thing to do in war is to kill the enemy. He says that killing Baltar would be easier. He says everyone wants him to pay, especially Roslin. Roslin is just walking in and taking her seat. Lampkin says that Roslin has waited for payback for a year and a half since Baltar beat her fair and square. Lampkin says that Baltar gave into the inevitable and that allowed some to survive, but Roslin will have had everyone dead rather than surrender in the face of unbeatable odds.

In Racetrack's Raptor, the dradis comes alive. Her ECO reports five basestars closing in. The Raptor jumps out just in time before a missile reaches their position.

In CIC, Adama wants the fleet searched for a tracking device that might have been placed back on New Caprica. Roslin suggests that they ask Six. Tigh disagrees and wonders why Six would care. Roslin says that Six doesn't want Hera back with the Cylons. Tigh is skeptical that Six would put her neck out for the half-breed. Roslin says that she has a feeling that Six would lay her life down to save Hera. Tigh mutters, "a feeling." Roslin has more than a feeling and says that it can't hurt to ask. She walks off. Adama orders Tigh to talk to Six and he follows Roslin to one side of CIC.

Lee stands there and watches his father and Roslin talk. He looks at her tea and takes a whiff.

Tigh enters the brig and passes along Roslin's suggestion that they ask Caprica Six how they are tracking the fleet. She says that during the last battle, they noticed that the tylium ship had a unique radiation signature. Tigh then wants to know what else she knows. Inner Baltar shows up and tells Caprica not to be intimidated by Tigh. He says that Tigh is just using her to deal with his own pain. Caprica Six stands up and says that she knows about his "loss" and wonders how he deals with it. Tigh plays dumb. Caprica asks if she knew how much she meant to him, but instead he made her feel like she was a burden. Tigh starts to get unnerved. Caprica Six points out that "You humans always destroy the ones who love you, don't you." Tigh responds by punching her. She immediately punches him back. He orders her shackled and then walks out. Caprica Six looks almost smug.


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