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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 1
Episode Number: 318
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/18/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Colonel Tigh is on the stand. He asks Cassidy to repeat her question. Cassidy questions him and wants to know if as the leader of the Resistance he knows if Baltar ever stood up to the Cylons and disrupt her plans. Tigh says that he never heard of anything that Baltar did, but that at least Ellen tried to help.

Baltar observes that Tigh is drunk. Lampkin agrees

Cassidy cuts her questioning short by pointing out the Ellen was another victim of the Cylons

Lampkin asks Baltar and Lee if they know what happened to Ellen and neither do although Baltar points out that she worked for the Cylon administrators.

Lampkin asks Tigh if he dislikes Baltar because he's a traitor. Tigh agrees and adds coward and murdered. He wants to know about the bombing of the New Caprica Police graduation that resulted in the deaths of thirty-three humans. Tigh says that if Baltar would have showed up, they wouldn't be here now. Tigh says that they are all traitors. Lampkin wants to know what happened to his wife. Cassidy tries to object and Adama agrees, but Judge Franks allows the questioning. Lampkin then asks if his wife was a collaborator. Tigh says that she was faking it. Lampkin asks Tigh if Baltar could have been faking it. Tigh disagrees. Lampkin points out that Tigh is drunk. Tigh admits that he had a drink. Tigh then has a moment where he hears the music and asks about it, but no one else hears it. Lampkin guesses that Baltar did not kill Ellen. He wants to know who killed Ellen. Tigh then spills that he killed Ellen and even looks off at Adama. He says that she was giving information to the Cylons. He says that good men died because of her and he had to take care of it. She was doing it for him to keep him out of prison. Lampkin points out that Tigh can't stand Baltar and would say anything to see Baltar dead. Tigh agrees wholeheartedly. Lampkin is done with his questioning. Tigh hears the music again and wants it turned off

Tory walks into the bar where Seelix and Anders are still playing pyramid. Tory is snippy with the bartender. The radio starts playing the static-filled tune and this time Anders and Tory seem to hear it.

Roslin is on the stand and she testifies that she was taken into custody at the schoolroom after the students were gone. Roslin goes on to testify that she and two hundred other names were on the execution list. Lampkin asks for a recess.

Baltar, Lampkin and Lee talk. Baltar wants her discredited. Lampkin realizes that Lee knows something. Lee doesn't want to bring it up. He thinks that it might not be true, it's personal and that Roslin wouldn't even bring it up to him. Lampkin calls out Lee and says that it's time for Lee to prove that he is not involved in the trial just to stick it to his father. Lee says that he believes in a fair trial for anyone and everyone. Lampkin calls him out that if he really wants to uphold the justice system, then he's compelled to share what he knos. Lampkin wants to know if Lee is going to get in the game and bring something to the trial that they can use or is going to sit on the sidelines with his false piety.


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