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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 1
Episode Number: 318
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/18/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Adama helps the drunken Tigh to his quarters. He manages to get Tigh into his bed. Adama tells Tigh that they found the radiation signature on the tylium ship and that it's being repaired. Gaeta reports that it'll take nine jumps to the nebula and factoring the time for repairs, that means that they are three days away from the next clue in the search for Earth. Tigh says that he "can't smell her anymore." Adama says that he has to go. Tigh apologizes for what he did in court and that he embarrassed Adama. Adama says that Tigh is his oldest friend and that he never embarrasses him.

Lee is in the Adama's quarters. He suggests that they send the tylium ship with the unrepaired radiation signature and a couple of Raptors off in a new direction to mislead the Cylons away from the nebula. Adama says that he'll consider it. Lee then asks about Roslin. Adama won't discuss the trial. He then jumps on Lee about Tigh. Lee says that Tigh was drunk and it was his own fault. Adama thinks that Lee told Lampkin about Ellen. Lee says that he didn't know about Ellen, but Adama doesn't believe him. Lee wants to know if he's calling him a liar. Adama goes on a rant about Lee giving that information to Lampkin and not facing Tigh himself and doing it all to benefit a man like Baltar, who doesn't even deserve a trial. Lee takes off his officer's pin and puts it down. He tells his father that he won't serve under a man who questions his integrity. Adama picks it up and answers that he won't have an officer under his command that doesn't have any as he throws it in the drawer, shuts it and turns his back on Lee.

In court, Lee is dressed in a civilian suit. Lampkin starts to stand, but Lee says that he should question her. Baltar is unsurprisingly skeptical about his security guard conducting the questioning, but Lampkin goes along with it. He tells the tribunal that "Mr. Adama" will question Roslin. Adama notes under his breath that Lampkin called Lee his "associate." Lee asks how Roslin survived the execution on New Caprica. She says that the Resistance stopped it in time. Lee stumbles and is assisted by Lampkin with some legal speak. He then asks if Baltar saved her life when she had cancer. She admits that he saved her by injecting her with the blood of Hera and that the cancer was completely gone after that. He then asks what medications she was taking to treat her cancer. She says that she couldn't remember them all. He asks if she took kamala extract. She admits to it.

A murmur goes through the gallery.

Lee questions her about the hallucinogenic side effects. Roslin agrees. Lee then brings up her visions and Roslin says that they helped her to see things in the scriptures that will help lead the fleet to Earth. The tribunal wants to know where Lee is going. Lee requests that there is one more question. He steps closer to Roslin. She asks him not to do it. Lee asks her if she's taking kamala again. She calls him Captain Apollo one last time. Lee asks again, noting that she is perhaps taking it in her tea to mask the bitterness. Adama tries to intercede before Roslin answers, but the other judges overrule because if she's on drugs, her credibility as a witness comes into question. Roslin answers that she is taking the drug again.

The gallery murmurs again.

Lee has gotten what he wanted and done with his questioning, but Roslin wants him to ask her why she's taking it again. He says it's not relevant. She says that it's relevant to her and wants him to finish what he started. He asks her and she answers that she is doing so because her cancer has returned.

The gallery murmurs yet again.

Lee swallows nervously.


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