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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 1
Episode Number: 318
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/18/07 on SciFi Channel

Roslin's Vision:
Roslin, dressed in an evening attire pants suit (you know what we mean), walks down a corridor. She glimpses Hera on the opposite side of the room. She follows Hera, who has headed downstairs. She spots Athena, in her flight suit, opposite of her. They both make to follow down the stairs, but on the bottom floor Six reaches her first. She picks Hera up and carries her toward a doorway of light.

Roslin wakes up in her bed.

Gaeta tells Adama that he predicts that it'll be another twelve or so jumps before they reach the nebula and that there has been no sign of the Cylons by the trailing Raptor. Adama wants the Raptor to wait another six hours before catching up to the fleet.

Down in the bar, Tigh tries to tune the radio and picks up a bit of a song. Anders, Hot Dog, Seelix and Skulls are nearby playing pyramid. Anders is sporting a haircut and is called a nugget by one of the pilots. Anders picks up on the radio as well and tells Tigh to go back and that he almost had it. Seelix isn't hearing anything out of the radio, which they both shrug off.

Tory and Cassidy talk on Caprica One. Tory says that Roslin wants Baltar charged with treason in the attacks on Caprica. Cassidy points out that putting Roslin on the stand to describe her drug-induced remembrance of Baltar with one of the Sixes on Caprica would be a farce. Cassidy says that she's only going to try Baltar for the crimes on New Caprica because she has real evidence for those. She says that they are conducting a courtesy meeting, not a strategy session. She then says that the President can always replace her with another lawyer if there is another one to be found. Cassidy then walks out.

Baltar lies on his bed in his cell. A young woman is given entry by the guard. She calls him. He sits up and wonders who she is. He assumes that she is a member of the press because of the press pass that she's wearing. He says that he's under orders from his lawyer not to speak to any member of the press. She says that she's not. She pulls out a picture and says that it's her son. She says that he's sick and asks Baltar to bless him. Baltar stands up and walks over. He calls for a guard. He tells her that he's not God, a god or any other derivation. She says that she believes in him. He says that he has no special powers. She begs him to take the picture. The guard walks in and wants to know what is going on. Baltar tells the guard that he needs his privacy. She gets him to take the picture as the guard leads the woman out as she continues to plead with Baltar. He looks at the picture as he turns and wonders how many that makes. Inner Six says that it makes five and that doesn't count the thirty or forty that have written letters. Baltar chalks it up to celebrity trials bringing out the crazies. Inner Six says that she saw a woman in pain, who saw Baltar better than he sees himself. She says that even if they kill him, his name will live on forever.


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