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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 1
Episode Number: 318
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/18/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
In their quarters, Dee packs her stuff as Lee paces. Lee tries to argue that Roslin's credibility of a witness on drugs has a bearing on Baltar's trial. Dee doesn't agree. She thinks that the system is broken and needs to be taken apart and put back together again. Lee says that he wishes Dee would understand. She says that she does and that's why she's leaving. She walks out. Lee broods.

On Colonial One, Roslin holds a press conference. She's asked how long she's known about the cancer and answers that she's known about its return for about a week. She's asked about how far it's progressed and if she's going to receive another transfusion. Roslin doesn't answer either. She's next asked how it will affect her duties and she says that it hasn't. She's then asked about whether she's taking the kamala and then how often she's hallucinating and Tory, who looks like she just pulled an all-nighter, steps in and says that the press needs to go find "another carcass to pick over." Roslin dismisses her from the press conference. Roslin then tries to cover by saying that things have been tense lately. The last question is about how long Roslin has to live. Roslin counters by asking how long the reporter has to live.

After the press conference, Roslin comes down hard on Tory. She says that Tory hasn't been taking care of business and has been ornery. Tory says that she hasn't been sleeping well. Roslin says that the comment about "another carcass" as opposed to her own will be fodder for the press. Roslin tells her to get it together or she'll find someone else that can handle the press and brush their hair once a week.

Tigh has his ear up to the wall, listening for the music.

Helo walks into CIC and Gaeta addresses him as the XO. Helo says that it's only temporary because Tigh "will pull it together." Gaeta briefs him about where the decoy is going and that at what point it will start jumping back to the fleet. Gaeta reports that they haven't picked up any sign of the Cylons following either the decoy or the fleet. Gaeta then says that they are three jumps from the nebula. Helo is quiet and Gaeta notices so he asks about it. Helo says that he's reminded of the smell changing back on Caprica just before a storm coming. He tells Gaeta to get ready because a storm is coming. He then leaves.

Tigh listens to the wall again and says that the music is in the ship as he looks all around not unlike someone who belongs in a padded room.

Bonus Scene:
Lee walks around the empty courtroom. He asks Lampkin, "You know he's guilty, right." Lampkin counters that everyone is guilty of something. He says that it's a question of criminality: is what he did a crime? He says that this case isn't about law, but rather a family. He says it's about the Adamas and their extended family that Baltar refers to as the emerging aristocracy. He doesn't think that they'll be able to prove that Baltar committed a crime, but he did "break" with Adama and the "rest of the royals." It is for that reason that Baltar might get a death sentence. Lee asks Lampkin if he's ready. Lampkin wants to know if Lee is ready since Baltar isn't the only one who has broken with the aristocracy and Adama.

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