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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 2
Episode Number: 319
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/25/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Captain Franks calls upon the defense to continue. Lampkin gets up and says that the defense moves for a mistrial. Baltar protests, but is shushed. Lampkin says that one judge has already proven that he has pre-judged the guilt of the defendant. Adama wants to know which judge. Lampkin says that it was Adama and wants to call Lee to the stand to prove it. Lee does not want to testify against his father, but Lampkin says that Gaeta 's perjury forced their hand. Cassidy objects to counsel testifying, but Lampkin says that he can name at least seven precedents. Captain Franks agrees to allow Lampkin to call his witness.

Lee takes the stand. Lampkin asks if he met with Adama four days ago. Lee looks at his father and then affirms it. Lampkin then asks if Adama made his feelings known about whether Baltar deserved a trial. Lee looks at his father again. Lampkin says that he's only looking for the truth. He then says that Lee swore an oath to uphold the system. Lee yell, "what frakking system" in response. Lampkin then asks if Lee feels that Baltar deserves a fair trial. Lee starts to go on a riff about Baltar not being guilty. Cassidy objects and says that his statement belongs in closing arguments. Lee agrees with her. Captain Franks is willing to uphold the objection. However, Adama says that he'd like to hear the witness. One of the other judges agrees and the questioning continues. Lee then says that the charges don't fit the crimes. He says that Baltar was put in a no-win position. He says that if he had not surrendered, then the Cylons probably would have "nuked the planet." He points out that hundreds others cooperated as well and Roslin issued a blanket pardon for everyone except baltar. He then points out that Tigh killed innocents in suicide bombings, Tyrol and Helo killed a Pegasus officer and Adama instituted a coup against Roslin. Lee says that it was all forgiven. He then adds that he shot down a civilian ship, pointed a weapon at a superior officer and even encouraged his father to leave everyone behind on New Caprica, and then to desert them altogether and he was forgiven. He says that they have made their own justice and found ways to let everyone off. He says that they are a gang, not a civilization just to survive. However, no exceptions are being made for Baltar, because he's arrogant, weak and selfish. He says that Baltar had the "temerity" to survive and that's why he's on trial. Lee says that the trial is built on shame and guilty and being shoved on Baltar as a single outlet. Lee says that doing such a thing is not justice. Lampkin ends his questioning. Cassidy again asserts her objection to the line of questioning. She then expresses no desire to cross-examine. Lampkin rests the defense. The court adjourns so the judges can come to a verdict.

Roslin walks up to Cassidy and tells her that she did well.

Baltar stands up with a look of consternation on his face.


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