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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 2
Episode Number: 319
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/25/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
The judges return to the courtroom and everyone is brought to order. The judges take their seats. Captain Franks prefaces the verdict with a comment about their justice system being imperfect and flawed but it sets them apart from the machines and possibly makes "the species worth saving." She then asks that Baltar stand. Franks reads the verdict as three to two for not guilty.

Roslin, looking very unhappy, immediately moves to leave with Tory behind her.

Baltar looks stunned.

Cassidy and Lampkin talk.

Before Roslin leaves, she manages a "look" at Lee.

Baltar tells the press that he knew that he would be acquitted.

Lee tells Adama to leave.

Lee also tells the Marines that they have to get Baltar out of there.

Marines escort Baltar out as the courtroom disintegrates into mayhem.

Baltar talks with Romo Lampkin and Lee. He says that he figures that the judges had no choice but to find him innocent. Lampkin points out that Baltar's confidence in them throughout brought them solace. He then gets a jibe in about watching Adama squirm a little more. Lee tells him to "not push it." Baltar gets that message and moves to Lampkin with an idea about a book tour throughout the fleet. Lampkin brushes him off by saying that his "talents" are needed elsewhere. Baltar wants to know what happens to him. How will he live? Where will he go? What will he do? Lampkin figures that he'll "land on his feet." Lee and Lampkin walk out of the cell.

Lee asks Lampkin about his choice of putting him on the stand. Lampkin says that he knew that Lee was an honest man unlike his grandfather. Lampkin then leans his cane against the wall, puts his sunglasses on and walks off. Lee notices the cane as Lampkin walks off.

In CIC, Adama and Roslin talk. Roslin is upset about Baltar being found innocent. Adama points out that not guilty is not the same as innocent. Roslin then realizes that Adama cast the deciding vote for acquittal. He says that the defense made its case, while the prosecution did not. She is not happy with him because she still considers Baltar a traitor. Adama says that they are not being asked to forgive or forget, but that they have to look to the future. Adama then orders Gaeta to make the jump the Ionian nebula.

Baltar walks through the corridor alone, looking uncomfortable with the stares.

The fleet makes the jump to the nebula.

Gaeta reports all ships made it successfully. Adama orders a dradis scan. Roslin then starts to feel sick. The power goes out in the entire fleet. Gaeta reports "power fluctuations."

As the crew scrambles, Tigh listens to the music in the walls.


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