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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 2
Episode Number: 319
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/25/07 on SciFi Channel

Adama shaves. The lights flicker and Adama nicks himself. The phone rings. It's Roslin. She wants him to yell at her because she doesn't want to get out of bed. He tells her that she called a wrong number and that he was thinking about going back to bed. They ask each other how they are. Adama points out that she's asking him and she's the one with cancer. Roslin tells him that she doesn't want to face them. He does a poor job of telling her to get out of bed the first time and she calls him on it. He then gives her a good "get out of bed" and she laughs. She giggles and thanks him. Adama tells her not to "let them see you sweat." He hangs up the phone.

Tyrol hums a tune as he lies awake. He starts hearing it echoing in the room and sits up.

Anders sits in the crew quarters. Tory is dressing. He wants her to "come here" and she says that she has to get back to Colonial One. He pulls her over to him and then they start up again and she starts undressing again.

Tyrol walks the corridor listening to the music.

As the music seems to come through the radio, Anders and Tory go at it. Tory makes a comment about the music. Anders asks, "what music?". They are interrupted by a knock. The other nuggets have returned. Seelix wants to know why the door was locked and then notices Tory. Seelix then purposely ignores her as she grabs her gear. Tory clearly notices Seelix ignoring her.

Tyrol hears the music seemingly coming from an air vent.

Lee, Romo and Baltar talk strategy. Lee suggests that they press for a mistrial. Baltar thinks that they are winning and that they have destroyed the prosecution's two witnesses. Lee counters that Adama just called him a "traitorous piece of garbage" and figures that most of the judges feel the same. Romo agrees that pushing for a mistrial is the best strategy because they are now losing because they are doing so well. Lee quotes from the law book that says that chances for acquittal go up 25% in a second trial. Baltar walks over, grabs the book and notices that it was written by Joseph Adama. In case he had any doubts, Lampkin chimes in that Lee's grandfather was smart. Baltar gets angry and says that the reason why Lee wants a mistrial is because it's a quick way for him to get absolved of his problems so he can get back to being in the military and Lampkin can get back to doing whatever it is he's doing. However, Baltar has no intention of going through a trial all over again. because he can't "physically take" going back to the cell. He wants a verdict in this trial.

Down on the hangar deck, Racetrack is briefing the nuggets about flight systems and electronics by using her Raptor.

Anders is distracted by the music. He looks over at Seelix, who is oblivious.

Anders then notices that Tyrol is humming the same song nearby. Anders sneaks off from the rest of the group and talks to Tyrol . He wants to know what the song is. Tyrol says that he doesn't know, but he can't get it out of his head. Anders tells him that he hears it too, but he can't quite make out the melody. Their little sidebar is interrupted when Racetrack calls Anders back.


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