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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 2
Episode Number: 319
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/25/07 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Racetrack calls the nuggets to her on the darkened hangar deck.

In CIC, Dee reports that they don't have auxiliary power and only have battery power. Adama wants them to ready an engine restart.

Baltar finds himself being pursued. The young woman from the brig visit in part one stops him and says that they are going to take him to his 'new life."

Caprica Six's Dream:
Caprica, Baltar and Hera walk up the steps onto the stage of the Kobol Opera House.

Dream Con't:
Caprica Six and Baltar turn to find the Five standing on the balcony above sheathed in white light

Caprica Six wakes up.

On the hangar deck, Tyrol hears the music over the chaos around him.

Racetrack and Cally can be seen giving orders.

Tyrol mutters, "There must be some kind of way out of here."

Tigh, listening to the walls, says, "Said the joke to the thief."

Anders stands up from his bunk and says, "There's too much confusion here."

Tory runs into the bathroom, runs to a toilet as she gets sick.

Tory washes her hands and says, "I can't get no relief."

Anders, Tyrol , Tigh and Tory all separately walk through the halls.

Tyrol walks into a room to find Anders is already there. Tory walks in right after Tyrol . Tory says, "This isn't happening." She begs Anders to tell her that it isn't happening. Anders says nothing. Tyrol decides that after all this time a switch goes off.

Tigh then walks in and is surprised to find the other three. Tyrol is shocked to see Tigh walk in.

Anders thinks that it has to be a trick.

Tory tries to pick up on the song. She and Anders start humming it and it starts to turn into "All Along the Watchtower."

Tyrol listens.

Tigh tells them, "that's enough" and then orders Anders to deadbolt the door. Tigh then mutters about forty years in the service, two wars, locked in a "dungeon on New Caprica" and Ellen. He asks about Ellen.

Anders shakes his head. He can't believe it after his time in the Resistance on Caprica and New Caprica and having to watch so many friends die. Tory starts to move toward him, but Anders tells them all to stay away from him.

Tyrol says that they are Cylons and that they have been from the start.

In CIC, the power comes online. Adama figures that it was a power surge. Dradis immediately picks up that the Cylons are closing in. Adama wants an emergency jump. Helo says that it will take twenty minutes to warm up the jump engines. Adama says that they don't have that time. He orders Action Stations

Down in the room, Anders, Tyrol, tigh and Tory hear Gaeta calling the ship to "Action Stations." Tory wants to know what they will do. Tigh says that he's a Colonel in the colonial military. He tells them to return to their stations. Tyrol asks about their stations. Tigh says that he's Saul Tigh and that if he dies today, that's who he wants to be. He walks out and Tory follows him. Tyrol is taken aback for a moment, but then he leaves through another door. Anders follows him.

Tyrol walks out onto the hangar deck with Anders behind him. He starts giving orders.

Lee, in his suit, watches the pilots head for the hangar deck. After a moment, he turns to follow him.

Tigh and Tory walk into CIC. Tigh gives Helo and order and then moves to his post across from Adama. Adama is happy to see him. Tigh says that he can count on him.

Tory says that she is there for Roslin.

Lee launches in a Viper as "All Along the Watchtower" plays.

Helo wants to know who is in Viper Three.

Lee picks up a contact away from the rest of the Cylon fleet. Lee reports that he's in Viper Three and is after that bogey.

The other ship comes up behind him, passes by closes and then disappears.

He looks around for it and it comes up again and this time pulls along side. It's a Viper. It looks like Starbuck.

Lee asks, "Kara?"

Kara answers "Hi Lee. Don't freak out. It really is me. I've been to Earth. I know where it is. And I'm going to take us there."

Lee is stunned.

Kara smiles back at him.

The final shot pulls back from the two Vipers, out of the nebula, past the fleet and the four Cylon basestars, out of the galaxy and back into another one where the shot ends by moving in on Earth.


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