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Chuck Season 3 Spoilers

Much of the following information is gathered from various articles, interviews and message forums. As such it can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. The webmaster's comments are found in the italicized brackets.

General Spoilers
4/26/10: Last Updates

Episode 1: Chuck Versus the Pink Slip; 1/10/2010
1/10/10: Last Updates

Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Three Words; 1/10/2010
1/10/10: Last Updates

Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte; 1/11/2010
1/10/10: Last Updates

Episode 4: Chuck Versus Operation Awesome; 1/18/2010
1/13/10: Last Updates

Episode 5: Chuck Versus First Class; 1/25/2010
1/24/10: Last Updates

Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler; 2/1/2010
1/31/10: Last Updates

Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Mask; 2/8/2010
1/23/10: Last Updates

Episode 8: Chuck Versus the Fake Name; 3/1/2010
2/28/10: Last Updates

Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Beard; 3/8/2010
3/7/10: Last Updates

Episode 10: Chuck Versus the Tic Tac; 3/15/2010
3/7/10: Last Updates

Episode 11: Chuck Versus the Final Exam; 3/22/2010
3/22/10: Last Updates

Episode 12: Chuck Versus the American Hero; 3/29/2010
3/28/10: Last Updates

Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Other Guy; 4/5/2010
3/22/10: CHUCK QUESTIONS SHAW'S EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. Chuck, Sarah and Shaw reunite to find the Ring operative behind the death of Shaw's wife. Sarah has faith that Shaw is ready for the mission, but Chuck is worried about his emotional stability. Meanwhile, Morgan considers leaving the Buy More. From NBC
2/28/10: Mark Sheppard (BSG's Romo Lampkin) appears in the final two episodes of the original thirteen episode arc as The Ring Director and has scenes with Shaw in one of them. From Chicago Tribune
2/28/10: Episode thirteen is "epic" and brings an end to the main thirteen episode arc which ends the original season order from NBC. From Chris Fedek Interview
2/28/10: This episode was originally conceived as the season finale. The story arc had already been mapped out when NBC added six episodes to their order, so this episode remains the finale to the season-long story arc. The following episode kicks off a new 'mini-arc' for the remainder of the season.

Episode 14: Chuck Versus the Honeymooners; 4/26/2010
4/26/10: Last Updates

Episode 15: Chuck Versus the Role Models; 5/3/2010
4/26/10: Last Updates

Episode 16: Chuck Versus the Tooth; 5/10/2010
4/26/10: Last Updates

Episode 17: Chuck Versus the Living Dead; 5/17/2010
5/9/10: CHUCK TRIES TO KEEP HIS SPY LIFE SECRET FROM HIS FATHER. After his last dream, Chuck asks Morgan to help him on a side mission. Their investigation becomes complicated when Stephen J. Bartkowski (Guest star Scott Bakula) returns and learns that Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0. Luckily, Chuck's father may be able to help his son. From NBC
2/28/10: Steven Bartkowski (Scott Bakula) sppears. From ChuckTV
2/28/10: Added episode title. From Ali Adler [With a title like that, we can't help but think that some supposedly dead character could be returning such as Bryce or one (or more) presumed dead villains.]

Episode 18: Chuck Versus the Subway (season finale, part 1); 5/24/2010
Episode 19: Chuck Versus the Ring, Part 2 (season finale, part 2); 5/24/2010
5/9/10: Last Updates